Hiya, today we have a quick video taking a look at a couple of the latest Apple Watch Strap releases for you.  We have here the Nike Pearl Pink/Barely Rose Sport Band and the Pink Stripe Nylon Strap.

As you know I do love my Apple Watch and there is nothing more I love than a new band. I have tried non- apple ones in the past and personally so far anyway I have preferred the Apple ones. But that is personal choice and of course I have no where near explored the millions of alternatives.

Anyway here is the video taking a look at two of the latest releases. Hope you enjoy:

Now I thought it might be helpful to add a couple of photos too so you can take a good look at the straps and maybe decide if they are for you.

Nike Pearl Pink/Barely Rose Sport Band

Pink Stripe Nylon Strap

So that is it for today, thank you for watching and see you again soon,


DMG Amanda

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