Captured, thanks to Whitman, and then fighting her way to escape and finally exploring the region of the Mountain Temple before moving on to continue to search for Roth.

Mountain Village

Leave the Mountain Temple area by climbing up a narrow crevice. You only ave to press the up key, Lara will automatically duck out of the way of falling rocks. At the top follow the path and then you hear guns shots. Then we go to a cut scene of Roth shooting off some attacking wolves. Lara needs to help the injured Roth but the wolves have run off with the pack inside of which is the first aid kit and the radio transmitter too. Lara’s next mission ..

Cry for help – find Roth’s pack

So head on up to the Wolves Den. The position is marked if you use your survival instincts. Before or on the way you can start having a look around the region, collecting up GPS, Salvage, start challenges etc.

At the wolf den you need to go on inside, collect the pack from the back of the cave and come on out. It is then that you get attacked by a wolf. This was one of the first real challenging fights in that it really is an issue of accurate timing to succeed in killing the wolf. Also some buttons are repeative and not just one press.

So make sure you accurately follow the onscreen prompts. I found I took a few go’s and learnt each section and then moved onto the next part, I also found this was one of the areas that the controller did make it easier to win out quicker. That said once I understood what I was doing with the keyboard it worked fine.

Lara then goes back to Roth and is given her next mission …

a cry for help – reach the top the falls

At this point Roth gives Lara a climbing axe so now we can access up rock faces and also in this region

The Tomb of the Unworthy

This Tomb is accessible via a climbable wall inside a cave tunnel. You cannot attempt this Tomb until you have the Axe from Roth.

It is not essential to complete this Tomb at this time.Once inside the main Tomb area you need to set Lara’s torch alight. Once that is lit you can then set fire to the two body cocoons on the hanging metal platform.  Then go back to the cage just by the entrance to the Tomb and give it a good shove off the ledge.

This creates a pulley counterweight which raises the original platform with the bodies hanging. You need to run around quickly and jump onto this platform as it rises. It must be high enough that when Lara’s weight brings it down a bit you are still high enough to jump from it onto the climbing wall. However you have to time it right as if you jump onto it too soon it will drop too low for you to reach the wall. Once you have climbed up the wall you will find the Tomb area and a treasure map is your reward.

Tomb of the Unworthy Raided!

Having completed the Tomb, if you have decided to raid it, and any other exploring for other elements such as the GPS, Relics, Documents etc etc it is time to move on and head on up to the

communications tower to send the SOS

Climb right to the top of the falls, using your axe to leap across from one cliff to other climbable rock faces. You will encounter some more baddies, which you can easily dispatch with some stealth moves to start and then a good ole gun fight! Hunt around the area for the usual bits and pieces and then move on up to the wooden bridge. As you cross the bridge it will give way and Lara will have to rescue herself from death by using the axe into the wall ahead of her. If you survive, climb up and ahead you will see a stone built gateway taking you into the next region.

So that is it for this post, do come back soon for the next instalments of Tomb Raider.

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