Lara has worked out what she needs to do in order for them to be able to leave the island, however Mathias has got Sam and he has a plan that involves Sam’s body being taken over by the Sun Queen! Can Lara reach them in time to stop Mathias?!

Lara had reached the Chasm Shrine and was moving forward to find Sam. However we reached the ‘point of no return’ which means that after this point we would no longer be able to fast travel to other locations. So before moving on with the story we are taking a little detour or two to make sure that all the challenges are complete, tombs are raided and the collectables are found. As I have done throughout all these posts I will only write down a description of the how to of tombs, other things such as challenges and collectable I will leave for the videos.

  • Summit Forest
  • Geothermal Caverns

  • Base Exterior
  • Mountain Village

  • Coastal Forest

Chasm Shrine

Once you are happy you have done as much of the challenges etc remaining and wish to continue with the story make your way back to the campsite at the Chasm Shrine. Opposite the camp are some big double doors. Pry them open.

Chasm Ziggurat

Walk through the doors into a snowy icy landscape with Chasm Ziggurat ahead of you. Walk up the steps and start to cross the bridge. About halfway across we go to a cut scene where we see Mathias holding Sam hostage. Lara wants to know why he is doing this and he responds that like her he is doing all of this to survive.  Lightning then strikes causing a fire break at the courtyard between the bridge and the Ziggurat, allowing Mathias to escape with Sam and Lara yet again left to find an alternate route.

Go left into the building where you enter a large hall where it appears a lot of the floors have crashed away. You will see a post so using your rope arrow make a zip line over to the climbable wall. Zip across and then climb  and then jump across to the next climbable wall on your right. Climb across to your right as far as you can and then take a leap of fatih to the floor on your right.  Then run and leap across to the next piece of floor and leave via the hole in the side of the building where you will see an icy climbable wall in the cliff face to your right. Jump up onto it and climb up and round, jumping across to the next icy wall, finally climbing up to the ledge above.

Jump through the window into the Bell tower room where you will see some gates that are blocked. You will need to use your rope arrow on the bell to smash through them. Walk through them and be careful the wind is vicious. You will see a piece of wooden planked flooring hanging down. Use it as a ladder to climb up to the next level. The wind is getting worse and is breaking more of the building up as you climb. On this level you will see a post and the only place you have to attach your zip line too is the bell. So shoot a rope arrow into the bell and then climb the zip line you created. However as you zip along the bell collapses and Lara falls.

As you fall you can grab onto a beam that is sticking out and then climb up onto it and walk along a little and leap to the platform on your left. Here we here from Reyes on the radio who will let you know the Oni are on their way to you. Run along the board walk leaping over the first gap and then at the second gap leap onto the hanging planks. These will swing throwing Lara forward. Jump at the same time and aim for the icy climbable cliff. Climb up the ice and then the wooden tower til you reach the window where you can climb in. Go to the left and as you look out the storm is gaining momentum and the lighting strikes the cliff face revealing places for Lara to climb.

Use the post, your rope arrows and make your way across to the icy wall. Climb across and then drop down. This requires quite a bit of good timing with your axe in order to manage to grab onto the lower ice wall. Keep climbing and you will come to a tunnel in the rock. Climb up and you will be at the camp.  Walk on through to another wrecked room, Swing across to the wooden frame and climb up. You will then get to the ice, climb this to the top. As you pop over the top we go to a cut scene that shows Mathias and Sam with the Sun Queen.

After the cut scene has finished Lara is going to have to get to Sam to rescue her. In order to do so move to your right where you will immediately be attacked by the Solarii inc the big guys with Shields. However you have met them all before so just keep plugging away and moving forward til all the waves of Soldiers have been dealt with.   As you go around the corner after you have dispatched the last solarii you will come to a big chasm. Jump across to the pillar in the middle, and then from there to the other side’s climbing wall. Climb up and as you pop over the top a cut scene will start where Lara creeps forward, hides and watches the Solarii take on the Oni.  At the end you find Lara has come out of hiding and is standing in the middle of this courtyard ready to fight the Oni. He is big and mean but is defeatable. However as if things aren’t hard enough you will find the Oni guards will also come to help.

The key to win I think is to try and dispatch the guards as soon as possible as they are like annoying flies but they will zap Lara’s health. Secondly keep moving and thirdly aim for the Oni’s back with your arrows. He is weak there and then if you are close enough when you hit him you will be shown the keys to press to bash him. Timing is key here. You will need to do this three times and after the first is when the guards appear, then after the second more will appear Once you have completed all three sections the Oni will be dead. Before moving on collect any ammo you can.

Once the Oni is dead an exit from the ‘arena’ will be open, go through it and walk along the walkway towards the light. This is Sam and the Sun Queen connected. It goes to a cut scene where Lara tries to shoot them and break the connection to save Sam. However Mathias shoots at Lara and prevents her. As he shoots you get control again although it was not that obvious. Shoot at Mathias just to try and injure him, he then jumps Lara.

The Finale

As he comes forward follow the onscreen prompts, timing is imperative here, to smack him with the axe. If you get it right the axe is in his back. However he is still not dead and pulls it out, er gross, and holds Lara down by the throat with it. Again follow onscreen prompts to push him off. Lara will then grab his gun and shoot him which gets him right off her and she now gets up. He has moved away and is near the edge. Lara picks up a second gun and we now have to fire them both at Mathias to kill him. Once he is dead we go to another cut scene where Lara rescues Sam from the connection with the Sun Queen, we then go to the finale cut scene – I won’t tell you what happens here but needless to say it is a happy ending.

So that is the end of this Lets Play, I hope you have enjoyed the series and hope you will join me for more in the future.

DMG Amanda

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