The boat is nearly fixed but Lara is convinced that this is not the way off the island. She decides to go off the the Research Base for more information to see if she can understand what is going on and fix it so they can all go home.

So after a tough climb, Lara has nearly arrived at her destination. All she needs to do now is walk through the building, out the other side, around to the left and she has arrived at the entrance of the  …

Research Base

Jump across the gap and attach onto the climbing wall and drop down into the water below. If you are hunting of the collectables then have a look around here before moving on. Otherwise follow the watery path around the loop, climb up another climbing wall, through the little crevice in the stone to the tunnels beyond. Again if you are completing challenges look up and ahead to start the sun killer! Next move on, dropping down to the floor below. Walk on and into the room beyond, here you will find a camp. Check in here, although be aware there are some Solarii around so you may have to deal with them first.

Then look around as you will find a number of different ammo as well as collectables etc. When finished walk around into the area parallel to where you are now. Drop down into the water walk forward and then climb up again. Walk forward til you reach some metal electric gates. Press the button on your left to open them. The doors open to show a door and an elevator. The door is locked so the only way forward is the elevator but when Lara goes over and presses the button for it the elevator crashes down damaged. Lara will need to fix it. The idea is to break off the four cogs so it will go all the way to the ground floor:-

  • With your back to the metal doors you came through, climb up on the cages on your right. Here you will see the first cog in front of you. Use your axe to pry it free. It will fall a little more but still not enough.
  • Jump up onto the elevator platform, walk to the back right corner and climb through the gap. Jump down to the stairs. Take this opportunity to open the door that was blocked by nipping down the stairs before making your way up to level 4. Call the elevator using the button. It will raise up but not very well. When it has stopped go back to level 3 and jump up onto a ladder hanging down just by the call button. Climb up it and then just across from you is another cog. Pry it free.
  • Still on level 3, call the elevator by pressing the button. Go back down to stairs between level 2 and 3. Turn and look down the stairs and you will see a suspended platform. Jump up onto it and from there pry the next cog.

  • Go to level 4 but do not call the elevator yet. First using your shotgun blast the wood plank away from the far side of the elevator shaft. Now you can call the elevator. You need to time this just right. As the elevator comes up you need to run across the top of it, jumping through the hole you just blasted and then clinging onto the climbable wall opposite with your axe. Climb around and then jump down to the platform below. You will see some salvage which you can grab and then you can get on and pry the last cog.

Drop down from the raised platform and then make your way down to where you can jump down on top of the elevator. Move across it and around the edge of the wall. You will here a Solarii call out so you know there is at least one to deal with. So move forward, making sure if you are collecting the collectables to check out the area, dispatch the soldiers and move down the corridor right to the end where there is a tunnel. Move though it, but do make sure you have finished hunting around the Research Base as once you go through the tunnel it will get blocked behind you.

The General’s Final Resting Place

As you exit the tunnel you find yourself in a huge cavern. Go up the stone steps in front of you and around to the front of the statue. Here will be a cut scene where Lara talks about what she sees, takes the sword and finds a hidden note. During the cut scene she has n epiphany on how to escape the island and what she needs to do. However as the cut scene ends a whole bunch of Solarii soldiers descend on the cavern. Lara needs to defeat them before we can move on. Once defeated hunt around the cavern for ammo and collectables,  loot bodies etc and then clamber up the wooden frame and exit via the tunnel at the top.

As you follow the tunnel, you will come to a low area where Lara will crouch automatically. However at the end of this low section the path slips away and so does Lara. As she slides down you have to be sure to jump just at the right moment in order to be able to leap across to the climbable wall, grabbing on with your axe.  Climb up and continue along the tunnel. A short way along Reyes comes over the radio, asking where Lara is because they are under attack. Lara wants to rush back to help them. We don’t need to worry about time as the battle will wait for us.  As you exit the tunnel you come out on a grassy knoll on the cliff side overlooking the area where we first climbed up the tower etc.

Shipwreck Beach

Walk to the left side and create a zip line to get across to the other side. Once over you will see and hear some Solarii, there is quite a bit of ammo here so it would be a good idea to stealth remove these two and stock up. Again you have a cut in of the radio where the others are very much under attack but again you are in no rush. Once you have finished in this area, there is an opening where you can jump down to little paths on the edge of the cliff. Jump across and down a couple of these collecting any ammo as you go, then you will come to a zip line which takes you up to one of the tower platforms we are at on our way up.

To make it quicker use the ascender. Once at the platform jump onto the next zip line and fly down to the beach right by the boat and the battle. However by the time you arrive it is all over and it goes straight to a cut scene where it seems Whitman did a flit taking Sam with him. Lara believes he has taken to Mathias. Reyes admits she was wrong and agrees to take the boat inland as Lara suggests. Before you leave if you want have a hunt around the beach area for any remaining collectables and also check in at the camp to upgrade any weapons and skill points.

When you’re ready to continue return to Reyes and jump onto the boat.  Another cut scene then starts where we see Lara, Reyes and Jonah motor up the river inlet. They then drop Lara off to carry on inland on foot, while Jonah and Reyes stay put to help keep the Solarii off Lara’s tail.  We then follow Lara as she limbs to the top of a rock face, it is then time for us to take over creating a zip line bridge across to the climbable wall. Zip across and climb up onto the ledge where you are straight into a tunnel.

Mountain Pass

Follow the path to the end where you go to a cut scene of Lara crawling on her stomach to look over the edge where she sees Sam is still alive. Whitman is there with her and Mathias and attempts to introduce the new ‘queen’ to the One. They don’t take it so well and well Whitman is no more. Oh dear!  Mathias uses this diversion he created to runs off past them unnoticed with Sam, Lara tries to run after them but to no avail because in the mayhem of the storm the bridge has collapsed with Lara on one side and Sam & Mathias running off on the other.

So Lara now must get across to the other side as near to where they went as she can. Using you rope arrow and the wooden post as your base, shoot into the climbable wall opposite and make your way across.  Climb around then up.

Chasm Stronghold

Ahead is a scramble wall which will take you into the Monastry. As Lara lands she sees ahead the Storm Guard marching and still protecting their Queen.  Follow the hallway ahead and then left, but be quiet as the Storm Guard are marching close by. At the end of the hallway is an larger area with doors opening off it.  These are both sealed so fire a fire arrow into the pile of debris ahead. This will burn away allowing you to move on through a small tunnel.  At the end of the tunnel Lara comes to the big ceremonial Hall where the Oni are marching. Lara is in a one of the side areas that has a low wall between her and the Oni. Carefully crouch walk out to the wall and then following it to the right, along and up the steps until you reach the top platform. Here you will find a beam going across to the other side.

If you don’t dilly dally on the beam they won’t spot you. Move close to the back wall, jump across and grab the little ledge that runs along the length of the hall. Go right, at this time the Oni warriors above and below will not spot you Keep going around the corner and then jump past the hanging cloth banner to grab the window ledge beyond. It’s a big jump and make sure to be ready to press the button to stop Lara falling when she has a wobble. However as she scrambles up onto the sill she knocks some of the skulls down. In a cut scene we see the Oni are alerted o her presence and that they start shooting arrows at her including some fire arrows which start exploding the building behind her as she runs.  Its then up to us to run like crazy from the flaming building until Lara finally slides down a tunnel to a cavern below.

As you walk forward collect the ammo and be aware that any second a couple of Oni soldiers will appear and are ready for a fight. Once Lara has killed them, move on along the tunnel where you will find a camp. Check in and hear another excerpt from Lara’s journal which gives us what her thinking is behind what she is intending to do.  When finished at the camp carry on along the tunnel til you reach a door. Pry open the doors and step out onto the windy cliff edge. Then it goes to a cut scene where Lara see Mathias leading Sam along ledge opposite on the far side of the chasm. Lara shouts out but Sam doesn’t hear her over the wind.  Clamber up the wooden platforms and make your way back inside into another tunnel.

At the same time Lara hears Reyes & Jonah over the radio, they are having a battle but for the moment seem to be holding their own. Carry on along the tunnel  til you come to a big gap that Lara has to jump. You will not make and Lara falls and slides down the slope to the tunnel below.  Collect ammo if you need it and then make you way out onto the bridge. Start walking across the bridge and then we have a cut scene that shows the winds blowing Lara off the bridge, luckily she lands more okay but as she starts to get to her feet we see an arrow land in the ground right near her and then a fly through of the Storm Guard ahead preparing for battle – with Lara!

This is the biggest battle to date

However if you tackle it systematically you will get through it. I would suggest you work each area as separate battle and don’t move onto the next section until you have finished the first. For e.g. in this first area after a little while a structure falls down allowing access to the next area. Do not be tempted to move forward. In each section there are plenty of areas to move around, up onto and hide in or behind. You will also find there is plenty of ammo so you do not need to worry about that. There are different types of soldiers, some will shoot you with arrows, others will run at you directly and attack Take each as you can and if all else fails run and hide lol! when moving around the area, try to keep moving as otherwise they will soon find you and all of them will converge on you at once. Use the barrels to shoot at them and explode them when group of the soldiers are nearby. Once you have killed them all in this first area, walk across the fallen structure into the next.

Run across the stone ‘bridge’ and carry on as we did in the first area, whereby you systematically take out the soldiers. In this section you work your way up the hill towards the building ahead. It would be advisable to try to take out the archers before you even start on up the hill. Plus the building has some ammo in it so you will want to go and loot too. Then make your way around the corner turning effectively back on yourself, til you reach a building ahead of you and a large open area, with building around the edge, on your left. This is your next main area of battle. Once you have killed them all walk across the open area towards the big building where all the Solarii came down from and you will see a gateway with rope wrapped around.

Use your rope arrows and ascender to open it up.  Walk through and up the slope. However if you want to investigate the two side buildings do not go to far onto the flat area otherwise you will trigger a cut scene. Once you are happy to do so walk out onto the bridge and here in the cut scene you will see the massive Oni that we just glimpsed at the beginning of the battle but hadn’t seen again. However before Lara can even panic a huge storm starts creating debris to blow around. Just as the giant Oni was about to attack a load of wooden boards blows up knocking him off the bridge. Lara however had managed to jump down flat on the ground and attach her axe into the bridge holding her safe.

Chasm Shrine

Cross the bridge and open the doors to the Shrine and the Entrance Hall. The doors will shut behind you making the room quiet and no longer windy. In the Hall you will find a lot of ammo, some collectables and a camp. One you have done with all of these walk on through the doors opposite the main entrance into the next room. In order to move on you need to find an alternate route out. So again if you are hunting collectables have a look about as there are a number of items around.

Once you have finished hunting about for collectables and are ready to get on with the puzzle of how to move on through to the next chamber then you need to first go to the crank on the left hand raised level as you look into the room from the Entrance Hall. Crank this so the floor metal floor grate opens.

Once fully open go to the crank on the opposite side and crank it. This will raise the cage out of the floor below.  I then went back to the first crank and cranked the floor grate shut.  Now it is possible at this stage to use the cage to make a hole in the wall above the locked gate.

However you can just go straight onto the next step and speed the process up a bit. So go back to the other crank again and crank it so the cage goes down. This lowers the cage and will make it usable by Lara. Now go up to the highest level in the centre of the hall opposite the cage.

Use your rope arrow and ascender and pull the cage towards you and jump onto it when it reaches the platform.  Then as it swings towards the opposite wall jump across the the wall, using the axe to attach yourself and then climb up to the top of the wall and jump down to the chamber below.

Himiko’s Shrine

As Lara lands in the Shrine Chamber we go to a cut scene which shows Lara finally puts it all together. She realises that imagery of the pouring-water does not mean a transference of power but is in fact the transference of the Sun Queen’s soul from one body to another. Lara realises that Himiko’s trapped soul needs a living vessel to go into and that Mathias intends that vessel to be Sam’s body!  When you have finished hunting around for collectables, leave by the door next to Himiko’s statue.  Follow the tunnel to its end where you will find a camp.

Point Of No Return!

Before checking in at the camp have a look around as there are a few collectables. Then check in at the camp before moving on if you want to finish off all the challenges and find all the collectables as this camp is the last option before the end of the main story that you can fast travel back to other locations. You will be able to fast travel again once the main story is complete.

However for me I like to feel that all of this is completed before the main story is tater than after. Somehow if I do it after it does not feel like I succeeded as for me the game ends when the story does. So for the next couple of videos we will be traveling around back to previous locations to find any outstanding collectables and complete the challenges and tombs. I will only detail the how to’s of the Tombs on here and not the locations of collectables – as i have all along.

  • Research Base
  • Shipwreck Beach

So we have reached the final throws of Lara’s adventures and before we move on to find out what that will entail, we are just backtracking a little to finish all the Tombs, Challenges and collectables. So for now thank you for watching, do come back to watch the final few episodes and see what happens to Lara.

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