Last time Lara went to the rigging to get tools to help with repairs to the boat.  When she arrived back at the beach Jonah was concerned that Alex still had not returned. So Lara has started making her way across to the Endurance to see what is keeping him. 

As you exit the tomb, walk left over the bridge and our to the cliff edge overlooking the beach below. If you have been looting the collectables etc have a little look around all of this area as there are a few bits to find. Otherwise jump across to the beam and make your way to the centre platform which looks like a ships crows nest. From there use your rope arrow and get across to the other side.

Once there there is an old bunker one side and a door with rope on your other side. You cannot open the door yet but will be able to do so later when you have acquired more gear. Once you have had a look around for salvage etc move straight on along the path ahead of you and under the low beams and onto …

Cliffside Bunker

Upon exiting the tunnel you will find a camp on your right. Use your rope arrow to get across to far side of the inlet. You are not able to move up and off the climbable wall at this point so follow the white wooden bars and climbable walls around until you can climb up and into the bunker.  Check out the flag on the wall if you are completing the challenge.

Wiggle through the opening at the back of the room and follow the tunnel to you see the room ahead and hear the Solarii talking. Quickly pop up and hide behind the wall. Shoot as many as you can stealthily, start with the one just by you and then to those on the upper levels as they won’t be noticed as missing and therefore alerting the others to your presence.

When fighting here, make sure you move around and in particular head for the far end of the room where there is plenty of ammo. Towards the end the big guy with the shields arrive. I’ve always found a well timed shotgun shot works well. As always loot the bodies and the area and do so before moving out of the room so your ammo is re-stocked. This was only phase one of the battle.  Now move on out of the room and turn towards the stairs, here the Solarii will engage you again in battle. Make your way up the stairs when you can and If you need ammo duck into the room on your right.

Otherwise turn left which will take you to the upper level of the room you were in before. Again you will be engaged in battle. Watch out for the Solarii that run and jump across to where you are and try to attack you directly. When the room is cleared, jump across to the ledge along from you and go into the room on your left. Here you will find ammo. However be aware that one more Solarii will pop up from the level even further up and take a pot shot at you. Once he is dead, run and jump up onto the hanging trap door with white bars and climb up to floor above.

Once you have jumped up, run along the platform to the far end where you will see a jump off area where you can jump off and onto the hanging crate. Climb up it and then from the top jump across to the flat roof of the building. Make sure you check it out if you are collecting as you will find gps, flag and more here. From here jump down from the roof to the outside of the building, again have a little look around if you are collecting. Otherwise go to the camp and check in, to use any skill points, upgrade weapons and of course for that all important save.

Again you need to use your rope arrows to zip line across to the rock face of the little ‘island’. Once up on the top of the island if you are hunting collectables check it out for those. Otherwise zip across on the line that is already from there across to the Endurance.

The Endurance

Lara lands rather noisily on some iron pipes but it does not seem to alert the nearby Solarii. Crawl under the wire crates towards the talking men and when you can pop forward onto the open deck but still hidden behind a wooden crate. You cannot use weapons until you do this.  Wait til the big guy moves over to help one of the others and take one of the regular sized guys out with a quick stealth shot. It almost certainly will alert them but at least there is one down. I think if, unlike me, you go for the one standing alone, rather than the one next to the big guy, that there is a possibility that the kill of him would not alert them and then you would have the chance to take out the other one next to the big guy too – which would then of course alert him but at least by then it is just you and him.

Still not a fair fight but a little easier to manage. With this big guy you need to mildly incapacitate him, at which point the screen will give you the cue as to when to press the Y button which then, if timed right, Lara will whack him with her axe. You will need to go through that process a few times and then the last time the Y symbol will happen a few times in a row (assuming you time each one correctly) and then on the final blow he is dead! yey! And bonus, Lara pinches the rope ascender off his belt which going to be a really helpful piece of gear for not only ascending ropes and zip lines but for opening those roped doors etc that you have not yet been able to open. Don’t forget there may be some of those in previous locations that you weren’t able to access at the time too.

The first thing you will do with your new gear is use it to move the cargo crate hanging which then will drop and open the lower area of the boat for you. Before you drop down the hole though make sure you re-stock on any ammo there is laying around. Jump down and make your way through the ship. Halfway along the corridor you will go to a cut scene where we go inside Lara’s cabin and get a little of the back story. Leave the cabin, and continue down the passageway. Ahead you can see the ship is broken in half, and as you approach the edge of this first broken section you can overhear Solarii soldiers talking. Move towards the end of this corridor, popout and stealthily kill the first soldier. The second soldier is over on the other part of the ship. You should be able to shoot him from where you are however he is now aware of your presence and will be shooting at you. What sees dead pick up the arrows leaning against the wall and then slide down the zip line to the other half of the ship. Follow the passageway and down through a flooded section.

As you come out of the deeper water and around the corner you enter a room where Alex is behind a door blocked by electric cables. Do not touch them, it won’t be good for your health! lol! In order to free Alex you need to use block thing hanging off the tracking on the ceiling to bash through the cables at the door. Now if you look at the tracking you can see you will need to move it a certain order in order for that to work. Stand on the stairs by the blocked door and shoot a rope arrow into hanging block (there is a roped section on the lower part of it) and then using the rope ascender pull it toward you. Unfortunately there is a pipe hanging from the ceiling which prevents the block from breaking the cables in the doorway. So before we can do any more we need to move hanging pipe out of the way and in order to do that we’re going to have to get up into the ceiling itself. So standing on the steps with your back to the blocked door go to the right of the hanging block. Jump up and grab the yellow ladder on the side so it slides across to corner of the tracking. Drop down and move to your left, turn to face the block and use the rope arrow and ascender to pull it towards you.

Now go around to the right side and jump onto the ladder again pushing it along the track to the corner. Now the ladder matches the ladder in the ceiling and you can climb up into the roof and across to move the pipe blocking the tracking. When the pipe moves, the grate Lara is sitting on collapses and she falls through to the ground. Facing Alex and in front of the block, use the rope arrow and ascender to pull it towards you. Then jump onto the left side ladder to push the block along the tracks onto the direct track of the entrance. Now move onto stairs near Alex and pull the block toward the door. Now that the pipe is out of the way, the block can reach the door and tangle into the wires. Move away and opposite the entrance so that when you use the rope  arrow and ascender it will pull the block away with the wires caught around its hook finally clearing the door so you can get to Alex. However although Alex has the tools he also is trapped. The Solarii come and start shooting risking blowing the whole room up. Alex tells Lara to leave, sacrificing himself for the others.  The room goes BOOM! with Alex in it and Lara has to make a dash for it on the zip lines using the ascender for speed before the whole thing sinks.

Using the Zip lines get back across to the Cliffside Bunker location and its camp. To move on you need to use the rope arrow & ascender on the rope wrapped block on the roof, this will then pull it down onto the floor below and crashing through. Now you can drop through the hole down onto the floor below. Here you will go into a cut scene showing Lara finding old log books that give some a commanders ideas on how to escape the storms. Have a final hunt around as there are probably still some collectables, gps etc to find.

Once you have finished make your way back through the tunnel under the pipes and back into the gun turret room. From there you can use the rope arrow and ascender to pull open the metal door with rope cross bar. Once through there are some bits and pieces to collect around this grassy area before moving on by creating a zip line off the post at the cliff edge. You will need to shoot into the cliff face and then drop down from there to the path. Check in at the camp use any skill points, upgrade your weapons if you can etc.

Turn now and crawl under the low tunnel and back through to …

Shipwreck Beach

To back across to the main part of Shipwreck Beach, use a rope arrow and ascender to break through the metal door on your left. From there jump up onto the zip line and go across. You can use the ascender to speed up your crossing. However as you reach the other side you arrive at a slightly higher level than previously explored and right where you land off of the zip line is some Solarii chatting. Hide behind the boulder or the tree and if you like stealth kill the first guy then come out and pop off the other two.Have a look around for collectables, loot the bodies and then check in at the camp.

Jump across to the other Solarii were and are no presumedly dead. Loot their bodies if you haven’t already and then jump from the wooden platform to grab the zip line. Lara does all the work on the way down the series of zip lines to the beach, you do not need to touch the controls. At the bottom you are back on the main part of Shipwreck Beach and back near where the others are. However before I moved on, I took the opportunity to look around for more collectables etc. When you are ready to move on with the story, make your way to the others at the boat where it will go to a cut scene.

Lara gives the tools to Reyes, then the others notice that Alex is not with Lara and she has to tell them he didn’t make it. The others start to make plans to try to escape the island so Lara has to tell them her theory about the storms.  She tells them she plans to find the ruins under the research base too and more answers but of course Reyes isn’t buying it and still wants to get away as soon as possible. However Sam and Jonah take Lara’s side and Sam promises not to leave before Lara returns.

However before leaving the beach you could take advantage of the ascender to open up the cave entrance which will lead you to the …

Tomb Temple of the Handmaidens

Follow the path through the cave system, using your rope arrow as required until the tunnel opens out into a cave with a camp and the Tomb. First check in at the camp and then onto the tomb itself. As seems to be common with the Tombs, the tomb itself is up high on a ledge at the back of the cave. In order to get there you need to move swing bars into position so you can swing jump across one then two to get you to the climbing wall and then up to the Tomb. In order to that you need to first crank the wheel, straight ahead of you from the camp

This raises a fish cage out of the water allowing the other items in the water to float around with the flow of the water unhindered. This buoy will come around and under the cage. As soon as it is clear, stop cranking and quickly climb onto the ledge on the left of the wheel you have been cranking. Run around the ledge and as the buoy float past, it rotates the base of the buoy with the swing arms on, causing the pole on top to move around in front of you. As soon as you can use it to swing jump to the next ledge.

Time is important here and you need to move quick as the body is still moving around and you need to shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped buoy below, pull on it in order to rotate it ready for the buoy to hit the lower arm swinging it around so that the upper bar ends up in front of you so you can then swing jump from it onto the climbable wall. Be ready to use your axe to attach to the wall. In itself it is not hard to understand but because of accurate timing you may need to attempt it a few times.

 Once you are on the wall climb up onto the ledge and go to the chest at the back and then …

The Tomb Temple of the Handmaidens is Raided!

On the way out check in at the camp and you will first get a journal entry from Lara and secondly a weapon upgrade of a Magnum Pistol. Head out of the Tomb and once back out on the beach go over to the elevator tower with the red flashing light on top of it. Using a rope arrow and ascender pull open the door. Go inside the fenced area and then use your axe to pull the lever. Unfortunately the elevator crashes to the ground, breaking. So you will have to climb up instead – what a surprise lol!

Go to the back of the elevator and climb up to the top of the tower. You will need to jump and use your axe to make it to the top. At the top have a good hunt around for collectables and salvage before moving on. Next go to the far edge where you will see a wooden post. Use your rope arrow and create a zip line by firing into the cliff face opposite. At any time if you are unsure where you are going don’t forget your survival instincts will show you with the big LA spotlight as I call it, where you are heading.

Zip across to the climbable wall and attach yourself with your axe. Climb around to the right, making a couple of jumps sideways and then climb up onto the island in the sky when you can.  Again if you are collecting hunt around as there items here to find. Then make your way up the randomly placed wall and climb up it, jump from there onto the water tower. Climb around it, then up. Leap from there to the ladder, and again climb up. At the top you are standing on a small platform and ahead of you are some handing gondolas. Using your rope arrow pull the first one a little closer and jump onto it.  Do the same with the next one and then from there leap across to the next tower. There is a zip line on this tower that will take you across to the cliff face. Here you will find ammo.

Climb up the scramble board and follow the route round and up til you reach the cliff path and hear Solarii talking together. Stealthily climb the steps and hide behind the crates, but do not stay there too long before making your move as they will spot you. Kill them all but be aware more will come from elsewhere to help so you will need to kill them too. Loot the bodies and search for collectables and salvage before moving on. Facing the back wall, head to your left, creep around hanging from the ledge and then leap to the climbing wall. Move around to the side and then up onto the ledge.

Hear you will find a post so you can use your rope arrow to create a zip line down to the climbing cliff face. Don’t forget to be ready to use your axe as soon as you reach the wall on the zip line. Again climb around to your left and then up to a narrow pathway in the cliff.  Walk through it and to the edge of the ledge. Ahead you will see another ledge with a ladder hanging down and a blocked door. This door will need to be opened using a rope arrow and ascender. You can do this now or once you are on the ledge itself. Jump across from the ledge onto the ladder and climb up.

So that is it for this weeks post, check out the upcoming videos to see if Lara makes it to the Research Base and what she finds out. But for now thank you for watching, happy gaming and see you again soon,

DMG Amanda

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