Lara survived the helicopter crash, sadly Roth didn’t! Needing some time to herself Lara waited behind, while the others made their way down to the beach where they had seen an old boat. They arrived safely but Lara’s passage down was a little more adventurous. Her feet firmly on solid ground again she is off to rendezvous with the others and help fix the boat.

Shipwreck Beach

This is a large region and is even bigger actually than it first appears as there are further areas to explore that are not at first apparent or available. There is also plenty to see and find  – challenges, collectables, gps etc and I took the opportunity upon arrival to do a little exploring.

If you want to go straight on with the story, or if like me you have finished your initial hunt around, make your way to the huts at the shore line where you will find the others working on the boat.  It will go to a cut scene of Lara arriving. It also turns out Alex has gone off to the Endurance for some tools.  They try to hoist something on the boat but can’t so Lara is given the mission to go get some pulleys from the rigging they can see.  Before you go, go up to each one of the others and press the key directed for a little more conversation which is interesting. Also before you leave check in at the camp to use your skill point and also get the save under your belt.

Make your way to the beach, turn to the left as you look out to sea and you will find a ladder heading up to the wooden walk way. Follow the way forward on wooden walkways, zip lines, climbing walls etc and then you end up in a wrecked boat cabin listening to some Solarii chatting you can stealth kill one for sure and probably take out the second before he really can do you much harm. Leap across to the other half of the boat and take out the second soldier if you haven’t already. Climb up the stairs then up the climbable wall ahead of you and around the edge of the wreck following the white wood planks.

As you reach the bow climb up into the boat and you will find the pulleys above you, shoot them down at which point the rigging beam falls down too. This will act as your bridge back to the other section of the boat once you have picked up the pulleys. As you move forward you will come across some more Solarii which Lara will need to dispatch before moving on.  If you are hunting for the collectables etc make sure you look around each section of the boat before moving on as there are a few items on here.  Leap off the back off the boat onto the zip line, onto the next one and then finally into the shallows and back to the beach and the others.

As you arrive back and go to Jonah there is a cut scene where it seems Jonah is worried that Alex has not returned. Before Lara could respond we hear Whitman screaming like a girl (sorry to all us girls out there) and shooting a gun.  Whitman arrives at the camp still screaming and shooting a gun but there is no-one to be seen and he makes some excuse to which Lara is unimpressed and they have a bit of a set to. Reyes butts in to stop the row and Lara decides to go after Alex, before she leaves Jonah gives her a great new bow which will shoot arrows into climbable walls.  In order to make sure the upgrade is working make sure you check in at the camp before leaving the beach.

To get to Alex you need to head to the right of the camp off the broken wooden jetty, using your new bow to shoot a rope arrow into the rock and making your way across the subsequent zip line. Making your way across to the wrecked metal ship (or what is left of it) There are a few different ways to get there and some may yield gps or salvage so here and on the wreck have a look around. Then use the zip line from the wreck down to the new section of Shipwreck Beach. You land on a little sandy spit and as you walk forward there is a tower ahead that has some Solarii on it which you will need to get rid of in order to get onto the tower and move on as well as collect any loot. At the very top is a zip line to take you on.

As you zip across and land there are two Solarii talking on a cliff across from where you are. They don’t notice you flying in and so if you quickly hide behind the rock you can stealth kill one if not both. Jump across the gap to where they were, you can either carry on across the wooden rope bridge or go through the door ahead of you.

Tomb The Flooded Vault

So go through the door, follow the corridor, up the ladder, jump across, up the climbable wall, crawl under the fallen masonry, up the scramble board, follow the way forward not behind and turn to the left, follow the passage around to a circular, what looks like a gun tower.  Continue on out of the room and you will need to go low before it opens up with a camp in front of you.

Ahead of you are a pair of horizontal metal doors and a corridor to the right. You need to follow the passage around to the right and up the stairs. At the top and to the left is a caged room, ahead is a panel with a green light, press it.  This powers the panel on down by the metal doors near the camp. Go back to that panel now and press that ones green button. This will open the doors into the ‘tomb’ area. Inside is a body of water that is electrified and of course we need to go in but can’t while it is like that. So first turn to the left and using your shotgun blast out the wooden panels and barbed wire that you can see ahead and to your left slightly. Then go into that room and looking through where you just blasted the wood away, take a rope arrow and shoot it into the rope around the floating platform and pull it towards you. When it reaches you jump on it and then from it jump onto the concrete stepped area just behind where you were standing before.

From there shoot a rope arrow up into the rope of the faulty light and as Lara pulls it lifts the light out of the water and the water is safe to go into for a few seconds. In that time run down the steps and jump across to the other side right at the back of the room when you came in.  From here shoot another rope arrow into the platform and bring it across right next to the light that will now be back in the water. Then lift the light up again as before and quickly before it comes down again, using the rope arrows, bring the floating platform under where the light would go into the water.  The light will come down and should catch the platform before it floats too far and then it will be sitting on the platform making the water safe. Walk in the water to the far end at the back of the room, opposite where you found the platform the you arrived, and you will find a passage at the side that leads to some stars. Up the stairs and into the room,

Tomb The Flooded Vault Raided!

Before leaving the whole area have a look around if you are collecting salvage, collectables etc.

So that is it for this weeks videos, Lara is currently on her way to rendezvous with Alex who has gone off to prove himself (probably to Lara!) and not sure how that will turn out so come back next time to find out. Thanks for watching and look forward to sharing more Tomb Raider with you very soon,

DMG Amanda

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  1. I still maintain that it was very clever of you to put that raft underneath the electrical thing to stop it zapping the water, I was bamboozled, had no idea where you should go or what you should do. Can’t wait for the next installment (as always), cheers Kaz

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