Lara found Jonah, Alex and Reyes imprisoned and managed to free them but in doing so she ended up across the other side of the collapsed cavern.  They run off one way to escape and Lara goes into Solarii Fortress to find Sam and Whitman.

Running through and around the burning Solarii Fortress Lara runs into Whitman who is just wandering around as happy a a pig in mud! He tells Lara he will stay put and keep a look out  while she goes into the big hall to rescue Sam!  Mathias is in there with Sam, talking about how Sam has the power to release them from the island. He then leaves Sam in the care of one guard that Lara (still in the cut scene) kills.

She then rushes over to Sam, grabs her weapons from the guard, and goes calling for Whitman.  Unfortunately he comes, with company! Lara shoots down a big beam from the ceiling slowing the guards down as they try to make their escape. Sam gets out through the doorway just as it collapses leaving Lara still in the Hall. Lara shouts to Sam to carry on going and that she will find another way out.

She then turns back into the hall for another big fight. Once they are all the Solarii are dispatched, and there are a couple of waves of attackers, loot the bodies and the hall. Particularly make sure your ammo is full as you will need it! Then move out of the hall through the door at the far corner.

As you walk along, you come to some stairs down on your left. Here some soldiers will come around the corner at the bottom to attack. Once they are killed and you get to the bottom of the stairs there will be several waves of soldiers to get rid of, and they are quite aggressive, coming right to Lara and attacking her directly with weapons. Plus they are well protected with gear so it takes a couple of shots to get rid of them. I found for the well protected ones and the one with the metal shield the shotgun was best.

As always once they are all dead loot the bodies and the area, especially for ammo as you are going to need to fill up as much as possible.

Moving forward you will jump to a cut scene where Lara exits the building and gets attacked by a guy with a really really big gun!  As soon as you get control the best course of action is to run like crazy sticking to the left side where you will come to a climbable wall. Shimmy up it and then take the zip line down straight at the guy with the big gun.

Again we change to a cut scene as Lara crashes into him. She grabs the gun and attempts to shoot him, but he charges at her and knocks her over the edge to the building onto the ground below.  He then goes to shoot her with a handgun, and she grabs this weapon on the ground beside her. You then are given on screen instructions, follow these and shoot the guy. Once he is dead there is a further cut scene where Lara takes this weapon she picked up and attaches it to her rifle to create a grenade launcher addition.

Quickly loot the area for ammo and grenades (which look like the salvage crates) and then blast your way through the metal barrier in front of you.  More Solarii attack so kill them all off and once they are all killed you will see ahead you a camp. If you check in here you have a new weapon.

When finished head off to the climbable wall, scramble up it and then you are in a more of the Solari Fortress that is completely ablaze. Make your way through til you reach a metal barrier that you must blast with the grenade. As you pop out onto the roof you see Sam below shooting off a couple of Solarii soldiers. Lara heads down to the area below on the zip line and lands in a corrugated iron walled ‘room’.  You need to pick up as much ammo as you can, blast you way through the metal barrier and start fighting again.

Again move forward and there is more ammo and opportunity to get rid of the soldiers using grenades. Once you have killed off the soldiers in that first section don’t move on til you have re-stocked your ammo. Then move forward to the circular statue whereupon the fight starts again.  Fight your way down towards the big spotlight using the staggered barriers to hide behind til you reach the tower to climb. You will see the white wooden bars to climb up and then at the top take the zip line across to the other tower.

There are soldiers there so as you land get ready to bash them lol! As soon as they are dead cross the room to the opening and blast the guy by the spotlight with a grenade. That should finish him off and that should then be the end of this battle. Have a hunt around as always to loot bodies, check for for ammo and collectables etc.

Zip across to where Sam is and then it goes to a cut scene where Lara tells Sam to move on to where Roth is but under no circumstances must she get on the helicopter.  Lara is then left to escape the Solari Compound.

Climb up the white wooden bars, across and jump to the climbable wall and through the hole jumping down into the room below. A Solari soldier, in a quick cut scene, throws a molotov at Lara, setting probably one of the few rooms not ablaze on fire! Follow the route up and around the room til you reach the top and a zip line. slide down to the bridge below where we go to another cut scene.

Mathias tells his Solarii to destroy the bridges

Lara starts to run across the bridge (her only exit) before it is destroyed.  This is where we have a strange scene in that it appears to still be the cut scene but actually you are starting to control Lara and have her run and jump across the collapsing bridge. You cannot change the view direction and you cannot actually see where you are going which is very odd sensation.

As you run there is a big explosion and you are flung across the gap. Lara manages to reach the other side of the gap and hold onto the bridge. The chasing Solarii did not and ends up clutching at Lara’s leg. You then have to follow the onscreen instructions to rid him from Lara. Once he has gone keep jumping forward across the collapsing bridge, as you make the jump for the last part, Lara misses and ends up slipping under the bridge into a room.

Lara tries to tell Roth over the radio that it is too dangerous to try and escape in the helicopter but he can’t hear her as he is taking fire. Lara now has to climb up even higher right to the  top of the building following the only path available.  Once Lara reaches the top of the building it begins to collapse and you have to run and jump into the helicopter where Roth should catch your hand and pull you in.

Once in the helicopter again Lara tries to explain that they cannot leave as the storms will crash them. Roth is concerned to leave anyway as he doesn’t want to leave the others behind that you can see on the ground below. The pilot however refuses to land and so Lara convinces him with her gun! However on the way down the storm gets so bad and they crash land.

After a little bit of sorting themselves out they then are set upon by the Solarii. Roth in order to save Lara ends up being killed – boo hoo very sad!  After a little moment the others arrive on the scene, Reyes is being a nasty mare but I guess she is upset her baby daddy is dead! lol!  They sort out putting Roth on a funeral pyre and the others decide to go down to the beach to where they have seen a boat.  Lara decides to stay a bit longer which seems a kinda crazy.

Summit Forest

If you are completing challenges, getting collectables etc have a look around at this top section before moving down into the main section of the forest.

Once you do move down you will come across some Solarii on the path. You can wait for some to walk away and stealth kill the remaining one. If you are hunting collectables, completing challenges etc then now is a good time to have a look around but be aware that there are plenty of Solarii (and wolves) around. On the whole you can get rid of the Solarii with stealth kills.

In the summit forest you will also find a tomb that you can go into and raid if you wish.

Tomb Stormguard Sanctum

Follow the cave tunnel through into the open cavern. On the floor of the cavern you will see a camp which you can choose to check in at to be sure you have that save.  Otherwise to the tomb itself. It is not too hard a tomb to raid so start by collecting up the arrows as you will need these.

Then using your fire arrows shoot one into the pile of barrels etc above the scramble boards opposite the camp. This will then burn away clearing the way up for you.  I actually accidentally shot my arrow into the gas, it blew up and actually blew the blockage away.

Next scramble up the wall to the next level and immediately shoot into the gas with your fire arrows to clear the air for a few seconds while you run through and around to the left. Climb up and then walk out right to the end of the beam, jump from there across to the climbing wall, using your axe to grab onto it as you ‘land’ on it.

Climb up to the ledge, which you should have cleared the blockage from by now, either from the cave floor or just before you walked out on the beam.

Then follow around to the back of this area and then the …

Tomb Stormguard Sanctum Raided!

Once you have finished in the region then you need to go to the steps to the right and behind the main camp. At the top, on the far side of the bridge, is a door with rope on it.

Use your rope arrow to pull open the door by shooting into the rope on the door. On the other side of the door is a cave full of cages wolves.

Climb up onto the platform. Use your rope arrow to pull the deer carcass towards you which in turn swings the bar towards you.

Jump onto the bar and Lara will automatically swing from it toward the climbing wall. Use your axe as normal to attach yourself to the wall and climb to the top.

The exit to this cave is a slippery slope down so the only way back will be fast travel.  At the bottom of the slide be ready to grab a hold as Lara flies off the end and is hanging by her fingertips to the ledge.

Climb back up and make your way around the edge keeping to the left til you reach a new region.


Take the zip line down. At the bottom Alex will contact Lara by radio, the others have just reached the beach area and apparently the boat is not in very good condition.Lara assures him she is on her way. However from our point of you the game at the beach waits for you so you can explore til your hearts content lol!  Walk through the gap in the rock, and then follow several zip lines down to the Tower. From there jump on over to the ….

Gondola Transport

On the way down Lara talks with Sam over the radio and explains that she will need to go inland to the monastery. She tells Sam she is going to help Reyes fix the boat and then use it to travel inland. After travelling down for a little while the Gondola suddenly comes to a stop. Shoot a rope arrow across from the Gondola to the tower opposite.

Travel across to the tower on the rope, pick up as much ammo as you can as you are going into battle soon!  Make your way higher up the tower where you will find a slope to run and jump off of to catch the zip line down to the boat (don’t ask me I don’t have a clue why there is a boat in the middle of a mountain range either lol).

As you land on the ship you find yourself being attacked. The soldiers come from all over using zip lines to have more keep arriving as you manage to take them out. There is no stealth here it is all out in your face battle, Then just as you think you might be winning one of the soldiers start shooting with one of the large fixed guns. However the idiot manages to shoot out the wires holding the ship in place and it completely capsizes.  Follow the onscreen prompts and clearly marked (big yellow bars) direction to move, climbing and jumping as required. It then goes to a cut scene where Lara is jumping then falling and sliding down until she ends up falling onto a zip line. The travels along a whole series of zip lines – you have to follow on screen prompts with accurate timing to make sure she makes each change of zip line ok.

So is Lara ok? where does she end up?  and will she meet up with the others? Check next time to find out. But for now thank you for watching and see you again soon,

DMG Amanda

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  1. Wow! What a wild ride at the end, jumping from rope to rope and smashing through barriers with a gun, that has to be as hard as it looks! I just read back your comments from the other episodes so I’m caught up and you have finished the game…which I figured you must have sooner or later, but it will be a while I suspect before we reach the end, so many more to enjoy.

    How is your cleaning out/selling going?

    • I know it is kinda cool wasn’t it?! Yes all finished although am still editing the last footage and also started some new games on the PS4. So one or more of those will start and blend in with the Tomb Raider too xx

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