Lara has met up with Grim but thanks to the islanders her direct way to him has been blocked so she is having to go a long route around to get across to the tower where Grim is. The problem is there are a lot of islanders between her and Grim before they can meet up properly.

Once you are happy you have explored the windmill area of the Shantytown jump on the Gondola and take the ride across to the next tower.

As you arrive on the tower, one across from the islanders and Grim, the Solarii start to attack and Lara must fight back to survive.

However as soon as you think you have won the battle a Solarii comes out with a knife to Grim’s throat and are trying to hold him hostage to force Lara to put down her weapons.

However before she can surrender Grim literally sacrifices himself for her taking the final Solarii with him.

Lara can now move across using the zip line to the other tower. Have a look around the tower briefly and then climb up one level to find the zip line across to a climbable wall.

Use the zip line and go across to the cliff face. However as you go across more Solarii arrive on the tower and chop at the rope breaking it free from the post. As you swing down towards the climbable wall use you axe to grab onto it and stop yourself falling to your death. But even then the Solarii don’t give up and start shooting at her, but then out of no-where shots ring out taking out the Solarii.

“I’ve got you covered girl” Roth says over the walkie talkie 

Lara can then climb to safety, where we go to a cut scene where Lara tells Roth about Grim. She decides she wants to get closer to the Palace walls and Roth confirms he can cover all the way across the bridge.  Walk along the wooden walkway, jump across the gap and use the scramble board to climb up, then up some wooden steps into a hut where you will find a camp. I would definitely recommend stopping here before continuing just to ensure a save is made as there is a fair chance you may die before you get across the bridge!

Exit the building and cross over on top of this first bridge and then climb up into the next building, climb up to the top part in here which will bring you to the underside of the bridge with all the soldiers on.

You have to do a bit of leaping and grabbing to get into the main part of the underside of the bridge, make your way across carefully listening to the instructions given to you by Roth.

However half way across Roth tells her it is all clear and she climbs up – oops! One of the Solarii grabs her and they both end up flying off the edge of the bridge. Lucky for her she lands on a platform, not so much luck for that particular Solarii! As she lands, all the commotion alerts the rest of the Solarii on the bridge and they know Lara is there and so she has to run for it.

Lara there is too many of them
get out of there!

As she runs the Solarii are firing and it actually causes the buildings to collapse, so you need to keep moving not only not to be shot but also so the building does not collapse beneath you. Keep running and jumping until the roof of the last building where you will leap off and have to use your axes to grab a hold of a climbing wall.

Once you have climbed up to the top of there you are safe and can take a breather. Lara has one final convo with Roth and then carries on in her hunt to rescue the others.  Make your way along the tunnel, through the water until she arrives at the …

Cavern Entrance

Move through the cavern and then you will go to a cut scene where Lara is watching Mathias talking to his ‘followers’ with Sam as an offering to the Sun Queen!  Just as he is going hurt Sam, Lara leaps out and attacks. Personally I would have liked to have left Sam to her own devices, since she has the same opportunity as Lara to learn to be a bad ass! lol!

However in this event Lara was not all that successful as Mathias captures her and holds her  while he sets alight the ‘bonfire’ Sam is tied on top of. But before Sam burns to a crisp another freak storm blows out the flames. Mathias takes that to be a sign that Sam really is the one to get them off the island and drags her off somewhere different.

The other Solarii drag Lara off but they underestimated the Croft as she attacks them, jumps over the edge of the stone bridge and into some disgusting blood pool.

She managed to grab her bow just before she jumps but no arrows! Swim through all the blood to the only exit and walk into the cave.

Geothermal Caverns

Make your way up the hill and on the way up on your left is a body with some arrows, grab those as you are going to need them to get into the next section. As you reach the top you will see all the gas escaping and it will reduce Lara’s health pretty rapidly. Use your fire arrows and shoot into the gas, it will explode and clear the air for a second or two. Grab that time to squeeze through the crack in the rock into the next cavern.

Once on the other side of the gap you will see a camp that you can check in at. Also you will find more arrows around for you to collect. Move forward again through another little gap and you will find yourself in what was an old island prison of some sort that is now being used once again. Keep an eye out for the animals in this zoo, they are not that friendly but they are hungry lol!

Once the cut scene has finished Lara can explore the area, or move right along through the gate.  Turn the valve wheel by the gate til it breaks. The gas will pour out of it, step back shoot a fire arrow into the gas and this will explode the gate off.  As you walk through the gate Lara hears the Solarii talking and you have the opportunity (and probably the most effective way too) to stealth kill here. Once they are dead move forward as far as you can, then to the right, up the hill, is a camp. To your left is the way on, however that is blocked right now so you have a little puzzle to solve to get out of the 

Geothermal Caverns Catacombs

At the top between the camp and the cages is another valve to turn. Again this will break and release the gas. As before shoot a fire arrow into this and it will blow up releasing the cage down the slide and landing right in front of the scramble board. Before it was too high for Lara to scramble up but now you the cage to clamber on which gives you the extra height to be able to reach the ledge. Move to your left along the finger ledge and then climb up onto the raised platform in the new section.

Immediately you jump up you will hear the islanders talking. Stealth kill as many as you can and then just battle it out with any left til they are all dead.  If you are hunting collectables etc then have a good route around as there is a little bit around. Once you have finished move across to the far side where there is a climbable wall and make your way to the top. It opens out into a cavern where there is preaching going on. A couple of stealth kills and one shot into the gas near those gathered will probably finish them off pretty quickly. Once all dead loot the bodies, hunt for collectables, ammo etc.

In order to exit this cavern you need to break through the gate on the far side. First break open the valve that is just down the steps from the gate. Then using your rope arrows pull and swing the hanging basket thing over to in front of the gate, however that alone is not enough force for the basket to break the gate so quickly while it is still moving, use your fire arrow to explode the gas that is escaping from the valve you just broke open. The additional force of the explosion will be enough to push the basket through the gate and break it down.

Move quickly up the steps, through the gate and along the tunnel as the explosion is causing the cave and tunnel to collapse. A little way along the floor collapses and Lara goes sliding down to a lower level and a gas filled cavern. Either run through it quickly or give yourself a little more time and shoot off a fire arrow to rid the gas for a moment. Scramble up the boards and you come out into another cavern where Lara hears the others shouting at their captors. When you can try a little stealth kill or just go for it and dispatch them with a quick lot of arrow shooting.

The others are pretty impressed but then Lara has to pass on the sad news about Grim. Lara then needs to release them from the ‘prison cell’ If you are collecting and looting take the opportunity to hunt around now as you won’t be able to later. In particular you need the arrows.

Go straight ahead of where you came in, level with the end of where the others are being held and you will see a gas valve. Release it, shoot a fire arrow and the explosion will release one part of the ‘helicopter’. Then run around from where you are up the stone steps, up the wooden walkway and then leap across to the wooden platform that is suspended and from there onto the helicopter roof.

From there go to the far end of the roof and in the distance you will see two jets of gas and a large hanging basket. Shoot the nearest gas jet first and then quickly shoot the second. The first explosion pushes the basket forward and the second has to catch while still in the forward position and push it over to knock out the other counterweight. Use your Survival Instincts to see all these elements clearly.

The counterweight being knocked loose and the explosion rock the helicopter so it throws Lara off the roof, just as the floor below disappears! Luckily Lara is caught by Jonah. Get back on the roof and jump from there onto the ledge opposite. Once there release the two gas valves, hide behind the wooden ‘wall’ and then shoot a fire arrow from one end of the platform to the other across both jets of gas. The combined explosion is sufficient to blow the helicopter over to the ledge on the opposite side and the others can escape just before it drops to infinity!

Once they go, run along the platform and jump onto the swinging cages across to the other side and to a tunnel.  At this point everything is exploding and breaking away so you just have to run following the obvious path through the caverns and on til you go inside a wooden oriental style building and reach some double doors into …

Solarii Fortress

Like the caverns the building is burning so keep running through. You end up running around the roof of the building, leaping up to climbable walls and more. Just keep following the only route available.

So that is it for now, you will have to come next time to see if Lara finds Whitman and Sam or if she even manages to get out of the Solarii Fortress. But for now thanks for watching and see you again soon

DMG Amanda

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