Lara flew down the hill, not under her own steam, arriving into the Shantytown injured She just sorts her injuries out, only to be immediately involved in one of the biggest battles she has faced so far.

So while exploring this part of the Shantytown at the gate end, there are some stone steps up into a building that lead to a Tomb.

As you go in the building there is a trap so go in carefully and shoot out the pulley to set it off.

However the islanders will still come and so Lara will need to fight them off. As soon as she is free to do so, turn into the building and on the floor is a rope bar on the trap door in the floor. Use your rope arrows to open the trap door entrance to the …

Tomb Well of Tears

Jump down through the hole in the floor and follow the tunnel through to the Tomb. As the tunnel opens up into the cavern you will see the camp up to your left. As always I would recommend checking in at the camp before starting to try and raid the Tomb.

The way through the Tomb is a simple in principle but of course the actuality of it is much harder. You need to use the yellow cans to weigh down the metal platform hanging high above. It is too high for Lara to jump to and she needs to be able to jump from it to the climbing wall and up onto the ledge.

So throw the yellow cans from near the camp fire onto the cage platform and it will lower to the metal floor below. Once it is down Lara needs to stand on it so it stays down while she removes all the cans again. Once they are off, if Lara gets off the platform it starts to raise.

Race off the platform and up to near the camp. Jump from the wood ledge as the platform gets higher than Lara, but not so high that if she jumps she can’t reach. Before it has a chance to come down, turn and leap to the climbing wall.

Climb up open the chest and the …

Tomb Well of Tears is Raided!

Before you leave the Tomb area check in to the camp and make any upgrades, use skill points etc. Then leave the Tomb the same way you arrived and get back into the …


At this point I decided to head for the gate. Now I had already had the battle that normally occurs just before you go through the gate (see previous post and video 32) as I had gone up to the gate whilst nosing around. So crank open the gate and just as you go through there is a camp just on the other side on the right hand side. As always I checked in with the camp.

Then as we moved away from the camp and down the cobbled hill we see in the distance something happening with islanders going across to a tall building on a zip line. Lara asks:-

What’s going on?

Now the way forward is across the open ground through the horrible looking water to the wooden steps opposite. I had a little hunt around before moving to that section but that is up to you as you will get the chance to come back here later too.  Go up the steps, under the building and across the bridge where you will go to a cut scene involving a conversation with Grim who is up the tower. He wants Lara to follow him up there but just as she goes to a load of islanders start attacking her.

Once they are dead loot the bodies and area as usual. However in the battle the ladder up to Grim has been blown up and come away from the tower so Lara is going to have to go around and meet Grim from the other direction.  To get up that way you need to go back across the river and go through the chain link fence to the other section where you will see the boar. To get through the fence blast with your shotgun at the wooden planks with barbed wire that you see in the middle of the stretch of fence.

Before moving on, have a good hunt around including in the river for collectables and challenges. Maybe even hunt a chicken or pig for a bit of extra XP. Once you have finished go back through the chain link fence and head up the tower. There are a couple of ways up but they all end up in the same place.

Once you have got up the first part of the tower go back on yourself and jump up to the next level and to the higher tower where you have a section that has a walkway around the centre section. You will find ammo here and a challenge element too.  There is also a zip line back down to the lower area near where we were talking to Grim. Once you have finished there move back to where you came up the tower to start with and then forward to the scramble board. Here you will hear the islanders shout

The outsider is here, alert the others!

As you then move forward you will be attacked.  Keep moving forward as you dispatch each wave of attackers. Eventually you will have reached the ‘windmill’ area. Scramble up the first scramble board where you will be attacked again. As soon as they are dead, jump across the gap where the windmill arms are moving, making sure to jump between them. You will then have a final wave of attackers to deal with.

Once they are all dead you can of course loot their bodies and search the area at your leisure for loot, collectables, challenges, tombs and camps.  As you make your way through the windmill tower, if you go to the open area at the back of it to Lara’s right you will find a camp, as always I would recommend checking in there as soon as you can after polishing off all the attackers. Just next to there is the entrance to the …

Tomb Chamber of Judgement

The tunnel into the Tomb is a wet muddy floor and as Lara moves along it she suddenly starts to slide down it. Be ready to grab at the end as she flies off the end of the path to the edge of a muddy precipice. Move along by your fingers to the right and then climb up the wooden bars to a new path. As you walk along you will come to a choice to go left or right. Left is the way out and right is to the Tomb itself.

Once you reach the tomb, you will see a large cave area where you will see a climbable wall taking you up to where you need to be to raid the tomb. To get to the climbable wall you are going to have to use the metal ‘seesaw’ to give you height to jump off. In order for its end to stay in the air with Lara’s weight on it you must add all the yellow jerry cans to act as a counter balance.

First you need to get the jerry cans as some are up high. First use your rope arrow to pull the hanging tyre to crash into a shelf and bring some cans down onto the floor. Then use those cans and throw them up onto the wooden shelfs that have more cans on to break the shelfs and bring them down.

Once you have the cans place them on the seesaw at the end away from the climbable wall making sure the other end is up in the air. Once down Lara must stand on the end with the cans and then run along the seesaw and jump off the end and onto the climbable wall grabbing onto it with her axe.

Move up the wall and jump across to the ledge, climb up onto it and then find the chest to raid.

Before you leave check in at the camp just at the exit of the cavern of the tomb.

The Tomb Chamber of Judgement is Raided!

So that is it for today, check back in soon for more from Lara. But for now I hope you enjoyed, thanks for watching and see you again soon,

DMG Amanda

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  1. I’m always on the edge of my seat with these battles, and I don’t think it’s weird that you enjoy killing the baddies :o) lol They just keep coming in larger and larger numbers, well done again!

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