Lara has plunged down the mountain via the river rapids and flying through the trees with a parachute, landing and injuring herself. Where is she? Can she find herself medical supplies?  Can she rescue Sam? and can she find the others?


Lara lands injured from the journey down and needs to find some medical supplies, until she does she cannot jump or climb. Follow the path down the hill into the Shantytown as you come to the edge with a drop down. As you jump down Lara slides down the hill and crashes through a corrugated metal barrier and into a shack. Carry on forward and walk into the water under the wooden hut and keep going, as you come out into the open there will some islanders to greet you and try and kill you – personally you would think they would offer her a sweet tea and a band aid but there goes no manners lol!

Anyway once they are dispatched move across the courtyard to where they came from and hopefully unlike me don’t get caught up in the trap. You can spring it first if you think  of it um hmm! by shooting the mechanism and you get the booty too!

Once you are free make your way along the path to the helicopter although before you mange to arrive there you will be attacked again by first one lot, then as you get closer to the helicopter around that final bend, by a second lot too.

Access the helicopter and you will go to a cut scene where Lara does horrific things with a hot poker to heal herself – no stop it, behave!  And then uses the lighter she finds to craft herself a new weapon – Fire Arrows!

She then speaks with Roth on the radio, he wonders how she got to the Shantytown so fast – if only he knew! Not sure he would volunteer for that route. Anyway as the is talking she is spotted by the islanders and a massive battle ensues. These guys are literally never ending.

First I personally had so many attempts to kill off these guys I cut loads out of the videos so be aware this could take a while if you a playing it.

Second watch out for them sneaking around & behind you and you wonder why you keep dying when you are staying hidden!

Third in the end I actually tried being more aggressive and moving forward and it got me some more ammo and some better positions to hide and by keeping moving it made me less of a target.

Lastly I found after about a million attempts the game did seem to make it a little easier, maybe it was getting bored of me dying too lol!

When they all are finally dead, loot as many bodies as you can and then check in at the camp. The game will have autosaved when you won the battle but I always like to be doubly sure esp. after such an epic struggle like that battle was. You should also have plenty of salvage points to use and upgrade your weapons with, plus of course some skill points too.

This is now a good point, if you so desire, to have a good old nosy of this part of the Shantytown, which as large as this part is, this is only one part of it so do not worry if you do not find all of the collectables and challenges.

Whilst hunting around do not assume you are completely alone as you will on occasion come across islanders who will attack. In addition if you get caught in one of the traps (that hang you upside down) you will draw them to you. So don’t forget you can set them off by shooting the pulley mechanism.

Now as I was hunting around I went to have a look at the gate through to the other section of the Shantytown. At this point it was not my intent to open it but the game did not know that so it went to the next cut scene of where just before Lara goes through the gate she gets attacked by a lot of islanders that we see coming down lots of different zip lines. Dispatch them as usual, you will find plenty of ammo around in nearby buildings and being the crates. Once they are all dead, loot the bodies and either go through the gate or continue exploring as I did.

So that is it for today, next time Lara will carry on exploring the area, raid a tomb and try and meet up with Grim by going into a new section of the Shantytown. So for now thanks for watching and see you again soon,

DMG Amanda

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