So Lara’s SOS ended in disaster as a freak storm crashed the plane into the island. The pilots managed to escape the plane using parachutes but were slaughtered by the islanders before Lara could get to them. Now Lara is trying to make her way to meet up with the others.

Chasm Monastry

Once you have finished at the camp, use the shotgun to blast the planks blocking the exit out of the way and step out onto a wooden platform on the outside of the building. But be warned it will give way so be ready to grab on! Make your way along the ledge and around the corner to the side of the building. Jump across to the wood slatted platform and then again across and up to the broken one hanging down. Climb up it, follow the wooden platform around and then pop through the hole in the boarding in the wall to get inside the building.

Here you will immediately enter into another battle. You do to need to rush even thought the winds make you feel like that it is time sensitive. Once you have taken out group one a second wave begins. Take them out, loot the bodies and then you can move on to solving

the problem of the second bell. 

The shutters letting the wind in are currently open. Shut and open each in turn to allow Lara to use the additional force of the wind to smash the side struts.  Use your rope arrow to do this by pulling on the rope covered dumb bell thing in front of the big bell.

Between each pull more enemies will come and attack. Don’t forget to loot the bodies and check around for ammo before swinging the bell again because you won’t have time after as the baddies will come straight away.

After the supports are destroyed, open both wind shutters and use a rope arrow to swing the rope covered dumb bell into the big bell, making it fall down and though the floor below. Lara follows it down as she slides across the floor and down through the hole the bell made to the floor below!

Here we have a cut scene showing some big dude clobbering the soldiers. Now we have feeling in this case that our enemies enemy is still not are friend so time to leg it – oh and the building is collapsing around us too. So run and jump as fast as you can and eventually you leap down, in another cut scene, to a wooden hanging bridge below.

This collapses and Lara ends up falling to the muddy slippery slope below. Almost immediately you have some control back and have to blast the shotgun at the barbed wired plank blockage in your way, if you miss then its curtains lol!

Lara keeps sliding for a little and has to blast a few more blockages out the way and eventually drops off the end into a water filled cave. As she gets out of the water onto a rock, she talks with Sam on the walkie talkie. Sam is silenced by her guards but first she manages to tell Lara she’s being held in some kind of palace in preparation for a fire ritual!

Lara then speaks to Roth and arranges to meet her at the Palace where he tells her the others are also being held.

Mountain Village

Leave the cave via the crevice at the end of the tunnel and come out into clearing with a new camp, Mountain Descent. At this point you could have a look around before moving on. You will see a camp with some baddies in, so you could get rid of them now and get the job done. Also it gives you the chance to despatch the first couple by stealth.

I would suggest you then check in at the day camp again and when you are ready move on out of the camp, over to the bridge, jump the gap, walk the stone pathway and mind the gap as you get to the corner.

Jump over and at this point you reach the clearing where you should find the bodies of the guys you already despatched. Loot them and the area before moving over to the edge of this rock island.

At the anchor post shoot a rope arrow into the building across the way and zip across. Use your shotgun to blast away the planks and barbed wire blocking the door. As you go through you hear Sam again on the walkie talkie. Sam is frightened and Lara promises to come and get her.

So at this point you are directed where she needs to go by the big ‘LA spotlight’ when you press your survival instincts.

Despite the apparent urgency of Sam’s message you actually don’t need to rush, nothing will happen to her if you take your time

However it is actually a good opportunity to go and have a hunt around Mountain Village for the other collectables you have yet got and if you go the opposite direction to the way you are being directed you will end up on the little island just opposite the original camp in Mountain Village where Lara put Roth when he was injured.

This puts you in the thick of the lower levels of Mountain Village, but now the rescue plane has crashed into the area giving you access to a little more of that upper lower area – if that even makes sense lol!

So if you don’t want to have a hunt around, or you have finished looting for now, then go back to the original hut and jump across from there to the other side following the big spotlight that you see when you use your survival instincts. Then slide down the zip line to the hut below.

As she hits the ground she slides across the floor and out over the edge, be quick and grab when directed to stop yourself falling. There are several baddies outside the hut, kill them and then as always loot them (one of them has a shotgun part so make sure you do loot them) and the area. You will then find some more come up to see what is going on so you will need to deal with them to before moving on.

Mountain Descent

As you walk on you come to a river crossing, to cross you must get in. Lara needs to move from post to post to hold on. However she will not succeed and will be swept down river. This is a pretty fast moving exciting section and it is definitely worth getting killed just to see Lara getting impaled lol!

As you get the end of the ride you fly over the waterfall and land in the glass nose of a plane. A cut scene shows Lara gingerly putting on a parachute, just in time as the glass breaks and she falls down into the air. You will be instructed when to open the parachute and then the reserve.

You then have a second obstacle run as you ‘fly’ yourself through the trees. Again it is another time it is quite fun to die just to see Lara impaled again hehe!  Once you navigate all the trees you end up in one and bouncing through the branches to the ground when you cut the cords.

So where is Lara now? Can she get herself medical help in time? Watch next time to find out. In the meantime, thank you for watching and look forward to seeing you again soon,

DMG Amanda

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