The SOS is sent and received, now Lara needs to set a signal fire to help guide the rescue plane in to their location. What happens next? you will have to watch and see …

As we saw Lara got down from the Communications Tower via a long zip line and landed at the top of some stone steps which open up into an area with some rather conveniently placed super large fuel tanks.

Now what you need to do is open the valve, light your torch and set a light the puddle of fuel. However first have a hunt around, if for no other reason as to be able to complete the above, because inside the hut is a a fire striker which is a fab new piece of gear that allows you to light your torch at any time.

complete your mission to create a beacon of light for the rescue plane

Once you have hunted around collected all the loot, ammo and fire starter then set light to the fuel.  Then it will go to a cut scene where a sudden storm rises up crashing the plane. However before it crashes we see the pilot eject out and float down using his parachute.

As she watches she realises that the plane is heading her way and so she must make run to avoid being killed. She then tumbles down a muddy slope, with pieces of the broken aircraft chasing down behind her. Steer Lara to avoid the obstacles in her way. At the end of the slope she flies off the end of a wooden platform and you will need to make sure to be ready to grab on to hold her there. Then you will see a final lump of plane wreckage flying towards you, as soon as the cut scene allows you to move again, run and jump to the right across to the other wooden platform.


Cliffside Village

We then go to another cut scene where Lara watches the pilot parachute down and decides to go after him and try to help. Follow the wooden slatted walkway towards where the pilot crash landed. There isn’t really anything to look for in this region apart from one camp, although you might find the odd bit of salvage.

As you move forward you will be told to progress you need to use the banner as a swing to move from one area to the next. Make sure you take a running leap and then jump as you let go so as to be sure you reach the other side. Once you land the buildings begin to collapse so you now have to keep on moving and fast so as not have the buildings crash from below you and then you die! The key here I found was to keep moving but don’t panic, you have enough time to make the jumps properly etc.

Once you get to the end of this and reach firm ground again we go to a cut scene where Lara finds the pilot of the crashed plane being attacked by a couple of baddies. The pilot manages to fend one off but is then killed by another that has one of those big metal shields again.

The soldier doesn’t see Lara at first, but then Roth tries to contact her over the walkie talkie and gives her away! Rats!

Kill all the soldiers inc the Shield Guy and then hunt around for loot and ammo including their bodies.  Don’t forget to check up in the ‘loft’ area as there is some salvage up there too. As you continue on you will come across the one thing in the area to find – your camp. Make sure you check in as you get to hear another one of Lara’s journal entries and possibly after all that loot have some upgrades to do. At the camp you will have a chat with Roth on the walkie talkie. Once finished at the camp continue up the steps and follow the curving pathway on until a short cut scene kicks in.

Lara steps into a trap which hangs her by her feet upside down in the air, a number of baddies then approach and at this point you have to use the pistol to dispatch them. When you’ve taken care of them the camera points to the pulley that’s holding Lara suspended, this is a little clue for you to shoot it and release her from the trap. Remember this just in case you get caught in something similar later.

In another short cut scene Lara hides behind a wooden box and discovers a new piece of rope. This is a fab new piece of gear but right now you are going to have a baptism of fire learning how to use it as you need it to help you defeat this group of soldiers. Use it to remove the woodposts the enemies are standing on to kill them instantly.

Once they are all dead again have a good nosy around the area for loot and ammo. Climb to the top and you will find a path out of the clearing which a short way up comes to a river crossing. Here you are going to learn what else you rope can do for you as you are shown how to make use of the posts you have seen by creating a rope bridge. Now you can cross without doing this but it is good practice, I also shot my rope arrow up to the hut higher up on the other side which is the only way into it, you will find some salvage inside.

Meet up with Roth!

Once you have finished hunting around this location you will see a wooden door in the right corner with a rope bar across it. Shoot your rope arrow into it and Lara will automatically pull on the rope busting the door open. This will take you into a tunnel, as you walk along it all of sudden there is a muddy slope which Lara goes careening down and at the bottom you enter again the …

Mountain Village

Having met with Roth we go to a cut scene which shows us that the co-pilot is still alive and is sending out a mayday. Conveniently considering the size of this island his blue smoke signal is just across the way from us so Lara decides to go off to his rescue against Roth’s advice who wants them to stay together and head to meet up with the others. Lara is having none of it so they agree to disagree and go their separate ways. Before you go anywhere though make sure you go check in at the camp that is just there behind you.

This region is a very complicated yet fun region. There are so many layers to it, not only is it a big area but it has ground level as well as islands in the sky as I call them. So here we finally get up into those islands and our rope is going to come in really helpful for getting from one island to another.

When you’re done go down the rocky path to the end where you’ll find a post for anchoring a rope bridge. Shoot into the archway below and zip down the rope to the area below. Stay hidden behind the planks as there are 3 soldiers in the area. One you have killed them all you are then able to move around looting the area, bodies etc. As you move around Lara hears Reyes and Roth over the walkie talkie. Roth says he’s with Lara and they’ll be coming down the mountain soon. The little fibber! lol!

Move on by going up the stone stepped path away from the hut, as you climb up you will notice one of the  statue things we are lighting for the illumination challenge. It may be worth checking the map to remind yourself of the list of things we are looking for in this region as it is quite extensive.

Now I missed a few bits the first time I came to this hut so make sure you hunt around. Out the back across to the ledge you will find illumination Challenge and also a GPS under the hut itself.

One finished at the hut, follow the cobbled path, use a rope bridge and then climb the climbable wall but stop before you go over here as there are a couple of soldiers here talking. If you wait til they walk away you can get them in the back before they even know you are there.

Carry on up the pathway and across another rope bridge and on up to the top. Once there you can see ahead of you the smoke signal but on the left is the entrance to a Tomb. You can carry on to the co-pilot or chose to raid the tomb now.

Tomb Hall of Ascension

At the entrance of the Tomb you will find there is another camp, you might want to check in here before you attempt to raid the Tomb.  Once inside the Tomb area the idea is to get up to the ledge high up in front of you as you enter through the doors.

To do this you need to use the wind to help you raise the swinging platform with Lara on it, so she can then leap across to hold onto the ledge and make her way around the walls to the high ledge where the Tomb is.

So go to the end of the room with the big shutters and crank the handle til the shutters close and the wind stops. This is time sensitive so then run like crazy to the other crank just ahead of you when you came in the main entrance and crank this. This raises the swinging platform enough to be caught by the wind when the shutters open again. Once it is raised then run and jump onto the platform before the wind catches it, turn so Lara’s back is to the shutters and facing the little finger ledges and then as the platform swings up into the air and towards the wall jump and grab onto the ledge. Move around towards the ledge and then jump across onto it and then walk through and you have

Raided the Tomb of Ascension

Finally before you leave the area check in at the camp and reap the rewards of raiding the Tomb.

Mountain Village

So now you have a choice to either head straight over to the smoke beacon or to hunt around a little to collect some loot. I like to explore and to try to collect all the loot (collectibles and challenges) so I had a good look around first.

Guilty Conscience

So taking a rope bridge across to the smoke signal Lara finds that the co-pilot is no longer there.  Walk under the stone arch and down the path through the a cut in the mountain.  As you walk you come to a little stone step which goes onto a muddy slope. As you step on it, Lara slides down to the bottom and into ..

Mountain Pass

At the bottom you will find a statue  with salvage around it. As you look around Lara talks with Alex by radio. He says they’re still looking for Sam and have tracked her to an old Japanese palace. Collect all the salvage and then move through the gap into a big cave.  There is salvage to collect and if you are interested in collecting hunt around before moving along.

Whilst in this area Lara talks about the wall paintings she sees. In addition you will come across another camp.

As you exit the cave Lara spots Captain Jessop sitting opposite on the wood bridge in the middle of a windy chasm. As she approaches him, we have a cut scene where the Solarii blow up the bridge, Lara is knocked back but still awake just.  Mathias comes out of the building and orders his followers to kill her. Before they can do so the Oni appear and attack the Solarii. At this point Lara passes out.

Chasm Monastry

Lara wakes suspended by her hands over piles of bones and body parts heaped all around the room below her. Swing back and forth until Lara braces her feet against the hook from which she is suspended and breaks herself free, falling to the floor. Her fall cushioned by squidgy bits of body urgh! yuk!

Time to get moving as the nasty guys could come back anytime. On your way out you see Captain Jessop dead! Run across the room where you will find a little hole into a tunnel, as you hide in the tunnel you will see a big big guy with a big whacking stick comes into the room you just left. My advice keep going and don’t look back lol!

As you come out of the tunnel and walk along you will find a shotgun and some ammo too.  The shotgun is not only a great weapon but also a tool to help you get through planked up areas. You will be shown this soon after you have picked it up when you asked to use it to blast way a blockage in the passageway.

Jump across the gap and continue up the steps. Ahead is a blocked but above is small hole in the wall where you can pop through. Kill the enemies in this room and use your rope arrow to pull the bell back to smash the door.  Leave through the small tunnel at the back of the door, you end up at a sandy area with a camp.

Now while we are at this camp we can hear the enemies all around us. Will they find Lara? how will she got out of this area and to relative safety. Check in next time and find out. Thanks for watching and see you soon,

DMG Amanda

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