Lara has finally found Roth, but he is injured and so needs Lara to rescue his pack which has the first aid and radio transmitter.  Today Lara has to fight her way to the top of the radio tower to call out an SOS

Base Approach

Walk along the path from the top of the falls and you will come a zip line which will take you straight into a section where you see several baddies. As much as possible go for stealth kills as the more the see you the more of them come. It is advisable to dispatch the guy with the canister on his back first as he is the one that throws molotov cocktails at you so it makes it a little easier once he is gone. Once they are dispatched have a good root around for some spoils and don’t forget to light your torch and set the hanging salvage on fire so you can collect that. Next walk on along the path and squeeze through the gap at the end.

Here you will find a new camp and since that saves your progress it is always a good idea to stop at a camp whenever possible.  

At this camp the first time you sit thee will be a cut scene showing some footage shot by Sam giving some background to Lara’s group. Then move on forward on the pathway, past the trucks. Pick up any loot on the way. But be aware at the second truck Lara will duck down as you come to another whole group of baddies. I would definitely start bumping them off stealthily using your arrows. Make sure you avoid getting into the spotlight at all costs because if the soldier manning the light notices you he’ll make sure everyone knows and then you will be in trouble!  You need to move forward as you pick them off and you will find plenty of arrows along the way. I managed to dispatch them all stealthily, at the end make sure you loot all the bodies and just in case there would be more trouble I took the opportunity to take out the spotlight with my pistol.

Mountain Base

I managed to clear most of the baddies initially but you may still find one or two lurking so just watch and be prepared to dispatch them quietly and stealthily.  Once all of the baddies are dead in the building have a good look around for things to collect before you move on. Then take a leap from the top floor onto the tower opposite. Before you go up the scramble board nip around the other side and collect some salvage and GPS. Salvage is good as it enables you to upgrade your weapons.

Then go back around up the scramble board, round the tower to the top, fly down the zip line back into the building you came from but a different section and into yukky water!  AT this point you are given the mission to …

find the communication console

As you walk up the steps out of the water, straight ahead of you on the table is a document. This is a piece written by Solarii which is quite interesting info. Go up the next set of step and you will see a valve and a crevice in the wall where gas is coming out. Do not try to go through the crevice as the gas will kill Lara. Turn the valve to turn off the steam/ gas and then crawl through the crevice and along the tiny gap til you get to a similar opening the other end which opens up into a room. As you go into the room several soldiers come along the corridor just outside the door opposite Lara, you will need to try to dispatch them quickly as they will come right up to Lara and attack.

Carry on walking through the building, hunting around the rooms for loot on your way if you like, and then you will come to blocked passage.  Pop up onto the step with all the rubbish on it, jump up and through the hole in the wall, down into another room. Here you will need break your way through the next room to carry on moving through the building. The glass room can be accessed through another one of those holes in the wall.

Go into to it and turn the valve at the side of the room on the right. This will fill the room with gas so hop out fairly quick. The gas can then be blown up to break through both sides of the glass so you can carry on forward. To blow the gas up grab a lantern and aim it through the hole in the wall you climbed through to switch the gas on and then throw. That will break and the flame will make it go


Before you leave the first room check the walls if you are attempting to complete the non-believer challenge. Then as you walk though make sure you find and pick up the rifle from the floor – Lara is going to need it. Oh and check around for ammo too.

Once Lara opens the next door, a load of baddies attack Lara. Take them out, it will be quiet a battle but don’t forget you have the rifle now. Also around the room are explosive drums around the room, shoot them to blow them up and take out a number of enemies in one go. Once you have killed them all don’t forget to loot the bodies and the room for ammo and salvage.

To get to the camp, go back to the steps at the entrance to the room and to the right there is a ramp and a floor higher up. Use the ramp to leap up and go along to the room at the back where you will find the camp. This is a good one to use as you have the new weapon and also you want to save your progress too.

Jump back down to the lower floor and turn right out of the room and pry open the door at the end of the hallway and enter the control room. We then go to a cut scene where Lara discovers that the controls are not working. She talks with Alex and they realise she’ll have to climb the radio tower instead.

Squeeze through into a narrow gap in the wall where steam pipes are. Move through the passage until you come to an opening blocked by metal grate. Press buttons as directed to kick out the grate. Lara then emerges at the ..

Base Exterior

You emerge on a platform, go to your right and hop down and go to the camp. Upgrade any weapons etc if you can.  Now walk across the rather dilapidated bridge and as you come around the end of the truck a soldier will jump out and try to throw Lara off the bridge. She will automatically cling on to the truck however you will need to follow the instructions on the screen to kick him off you and keep yourself from plunging to your death!

As you round the corner you will begin a large battle with a large number of soldiers. Advance slowly so as to pick them off in a more manageable fashion, if you go careering on a whole load will arrive in one go and its almost impossible to deal with them all. Also there are two kinds of baddies here. The ones that fire from afar and the ones that charge right up to you, If you can’t shoot the charging ones as they are their way to you don’t forget a good whack with the axe should do the trick – my favourite type of combat lol! whack whack dead!! yeah!! Lol!

As you get rid of the first lot move forward to the corner and start on the next bunch etc. Before moving out of that area and onto the building I took the opportunity during the lull to have a quick look around the area we had cleared for loot and ammo. Then move up onto the building, more will come down the zip line and charge you at this point, get rid of them and then jump into the courtyard area and start dispatching the ones in there.

Once you get rid of these guys you will get the ‘big guy’ come out. Some huge dude hiding like a sissy behind a big metal shield. It took a little practice but it is a case of running, dodging  and when he moves the shield to the side to attack you get in there as that is the only time you get to him directly, I found shooting him in the face with the rifle worked because the first shot knocked him around and he was not able to put the field back into position again and so I could continue you shooting the little sissy til he begged for mercy hehe!

Once he is dead and you think it is all over one more guy bursts out of the doors and comes charging at Lara. He is one those that throws the molotov cocktails at you so dispatch him aggressively and quickly. Then all really is quiet so go round loot all the bodies and the area for ammo and other loot.

Once the outside is looted make your way inside the building and check out all the salvage and other loot. Make sure you hunt around throughly and also don’t miss the hanging salvage that needs to be burnt down before you can collect it.  At the top of the building is a new camp, make sure you have a seat there and you probably should have collected enough salvage to make some upgrades to your weapons too.

Now go from the base camp over to the far side of the roof top and you will see a zip line that takes you across to the communications tower,

Climb Communications Tower & Send an SOS!

Climb up to the top of the tower, some is cut scene, some is us and some is combo of the two. Once at the top you will have to fiddle with the knobs (ooh Matron!!) and get the signal to work and then when prompted send the SOS.

A nearby rescue plane picks up Lara’s signal.

The pilot tells her he heard the Endurance’s original distress call and has been trying to track them down since. He then tell her he knows he approximate position but that it would help to have some kind of visual. Lara says she will work something out and comes up with the idea of a fire.

Lara climbs down the tower and moves on looking for a way to light a beacon for the pilot. But that is it for today, come back for more very soon,

DMG Amanda

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