The Witcher 2 is the second in a series of games featuring Geralt of Rivia as the protagonist. Geralt is a monster slayer – a Witcher. In this story he becomes involved in the political turmoil of Temeria.  Geralt saves the King’s life and begins a journey to discover the Assassin.

Now the game will start you off in a tutorial section that has a story that gets Geralt into the arena. It is in this arena that we will go through a number of tutorials teaching us combat skills and magic. You can skip this part but if you are new to Witcher then I would recommend you go through it.

The game at the end will give you a test and recommend a skill level to play at. This is a recommendation though so you are free to disregard that and choose your own level anyway.

Once the tutorials are finished we jump to the …


Here we pick up events one month after the attempted assassination of King Foltest has occurred and jump right in with a cut scene of what turns out to be a dream (we find this out a little later) that Geralt is having, where he is being chased through woodland. We then cut to Geralt being held in chains in some sort of dungeon. He is then taken in handcuffs to a room to meet with Vernon Roche. He is about to interrogate you about the predicament that put you in custody today. At this point we do not know what that is. You have options to respond to his questions and then a choice about which event you describe to him first. I chose …

that morning the King summoned me

By the Kings Will

and we end up in a cut scene in the tent on the morning of the battle. Here Geralt wakes up with a buxom young lady next to him that turns out to be Triss Merigold a sorceress, the Kings Advisor and Geralt young lady! Here take the opportunity through the conversation to get some story background. As you are talking a soldier arrives, the King summons you to him. Leave the tent and have a quick look around if you want. I headed down the hills and came across some dodgy characters, Crinford Reavers + Newboy, who claim to know you. Meeting them starts a side quest.

Once you have finished hearing about their plight make your way to the King. Go up a path that heads uphill and follow it to the top.  Here you’ll meet with King and jump straight into a cut scene in which the King leads you and some Noblemen on a tour. Keep following the King (and all the time you are getting more of the background from him so it is an interesting walk) work the Ballista when instructed and then follow him right into the tower, up all the ladders and right to the top where a cut scene will commence with Vernon Roche.

Again you can chose your reply but I tried to keep it in what I thought would be chronological order so I chose  ‘the assault’. Now back to the day of the assault where we get into our first battle. The King fights pretty well but just keep near him to ensure his safety and swing your sword at the soldiers in green. They go down pretty easy at this stage. Once they are dealt with we get another cut scene where it becomes apparent that Aryan La Valette’s soldiers have found themselves a good defensible position in the tower.


Geralt, with the Kings permission, goes off to the Ballista below to help blow a hole in those defences. Make your way forward and then down by dropping down the ledges into the centre courtyard area. Fight the guards as you make your way to the Ballista. As you complete each stage in operating it, a new batch will attack. Once the prep is completed, fire the Ballista and it will provide the access King Foltest’s men need to the tower.

Now you need to make your way back up to the King, so head back along the courtyard the way you came in, but head to the left side and there is a sloping path leading up and out. Follow it up just the first flight and in front you will see some more of the ‘scaffolding’ like the one we climbed down to get into the courtyard in the first place. Make you way close to it and you are given the option to climb it. A little way along this you are offered to climb up and over the wall. One over head left and up the stone steps and up to the tower where you re-join the King and the fight.

At the Fore

The battle is continuing and again stick close to the King. You end up at a wooden doorway which the soldiers will break down with their axes. Once through there you will encounter more enemy soldiers to fight. Again stick with the King all the while you are also fighting. Once the soldiers are despatched in the tower area, follow the King and climb up the ladders and immediately you go into another cut scene.

Aryan La Valette and his soldiers are high up in a tower. Not possible for Foltest’s soldiers to reach, but they themselves are very vunerable to La Valette’s archers. Geralt comes up with a plan and climbs the tower to talk with Aryan to convince him to surrender his arms. My Geralt manages to do so with the conversation choices we made. 

What happened to the Dragon?

At the point he surrenders we go to a cut scene back to the present with Vernon Roche, we have a brief conversation and then we get to chose where the chat goes next…

Trial by Fire

This next side quest opens up with a cut scene of Triss Merigold, Geralt, the King and some others at the bottom of a tower talking with some of the enemy soldiers that are holed up in the tower.  As this conversation ends a dragon suddenly appears!

What happens next with the dragon and the main story you will need to tune in for the next episode of my Lets Play The Witcher 2. I hope you have enjoyed it so far, thank you for watching and hope to see you again next time 🙂

DMG Amanda

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