So Max has been have a day that has been weird of strangeville – what with discovering she can rewind time, saving a girls life, and bumping into her old childhood best friend she is struggling to know what to think about it all and what will happen next?!?

Max finally found the tools she needed to fix her camera in Chloes Step Dads things in the garage. Whilst looking Max realised that the new step dad was the security guard at Blackwell and that for some reason he has files on students and cameras hidden around the house.

When we catch up with Max today we have come back upstairs with the tools and try unsuccessfully to fix the camera. Max has her photos out while trying to fix the camera and Chloe realises from the picture of the butterfly (after all who wouldnt notice a butterfly when you have a gun in your face lol) that it was Max who set off the alarm saving Chloe’s life.  As a gesture and for Max’s birthday Chloe gives Max her late Dads camera.

They get dancing and Chloe is smoking a joint when her step Dad returns home. She stalls him but not long enough for him to find Max there and holding the joint. I decide at this point to say the joint is Max’s, this is one of those consequence choices and of course you can rewind.

Once the Step Dad leaves the room, the girls hop out the window and go to the forest. They walk up to the lighthouse, the exact same one that was in Max’s nightmare.  They sit down to chat and Chloe tells Max what happened with Nathan. But then all of sudden Max is back in her nightmare. She finds herself in the middle of a massive storm, we find a newspaper which shows us the time of the storm is in the future.

As she comes back around to the real world she freaks out and tells Chloe about what she saw and her rewind power. Then all of sudden on the summer day it starts to snow! Chloe then believes her.  This is then the end of Chapter One. This leads into a review of your choices in that chapter.

Episode 2 – Out of Time

This next episode starts out with Max in her dorm room being woken by her alarm. You need to get yourself ready to go meet Chloe at the diner. So first head off to the showers where you will see Kate who is not in a good way.  Chat with her and then get into the shower, where you will then overhear a nasty conversation between Kate and Victoria, and then after a conversation with Victoria and her friend.

We then need to get back to our dorm room, however when we return the room, her room was trashed and it is clearly a warning from Nathan. However there is no time to clear it up now, so find Kates book and watch out for the soda spilling on it. You can rewind time to save the book.

Once your are dressed go to Kates dorm room to return the book.   Once you are there you have a conversation with Kate about the viral video, don’t forget you can rewind to try out your different answers however at this stage it is hard to tell what those consequences will be.

Once finished with Kate make your way outside and to the bus stop in order to go meet Chloe. Get on the bus and while away the time listening to music til you arrive outside the diner. As you get off there are some people waiting in a queue that you can interact with and outside the diner too. You get some interesting info from the man outside the diner. But otherwise make your way inside of the diner, although on the way you get a text from Chloe to say she is going to be late. Again when you go inside the diner, you can interact with the people in there and it is definitely worth doing that as you can pick up some interesting information. Finally make your way to a booth and sit down. Joyce (Chloe’s Mum) will come over and chat, and eventually take an order from you for food. Again the conversation is interesting as you learn a little about David from a different point of view.

As you wait for your food some weird stuff happens in that it seems like we keep repeating the same time a couple of times but then it seems to move forward and Max’s food arrives at the same time as Chloe arrives. We then go through a whole process of Chloe wanting Max to prove her knew power. By using the rewind you can get the right answers even if it takes you a few times. First Max has to say what is in Chloe’s pockets and then we go through 4 odd things that are about to happen routine.  Once that is done and food is eaten, Chloe and Max start to leave the diner. At that point Max’s phone rings, its Kate. You can chose to answer or not, but Chloe is acting real jealous if you do. I decided to and was glad of that choice later.   Max and Chloe then make their way to the junk yard where Chloe wants even more proof of Max’s ability.

Once Max has collected all the bottles, Chloe wants to shoot them and it is up to us, using our rewind to figure out the best way. However just before Max’s turn, she have a funny turn and end up back in the storm. We come too and after a few minutes Chloe is keen to continue playing! However this time a guy shows up and is very threatening to Chloe. Max points the gun on him, and you can choose whether to pull the trigger or not. You then move away from the junkyard and lay down on a railroad track to talk. They talk about what happened and why this guy had Rachel’s bracelet.  As the get up to go, Chloe’s leg gets stuck. With some rewind power being used Max can free Chloe just before the train gets her. They dont learn their lesson though as they still walk off down the railway track!

Chloe then drives Max back to College. Once inside you have to make your way to class but as Max says she has a little time first so chat with people and you will find you get lots of info. One of the people you can talk to is David and it does make you wonder if there is more going on than it seems. You get a text from Warren so make your way to the lab and chat with him. Next go to your class and as you arrive you see a strange situation occurring between Kate and Mr Jefferson which results in Kate storming off very upset. She wont talk to us so we go back to class. However as we start to walk in Mr Jefferson stops us to talk. Once inside the classroom you have the opportunity to interact with the other students inc Victoria and Nathan who take a coupe of nasty digs at us.

Once class has started we get a text from Kate who is thanking us for answering her call earlier that day. shortly after a student comes rushing into class right in the middle of Mr Jefferson talking to say something is going on outside. When we make it outside we that Kate is standing on the top of the building and jumps. We try to use our rewind power but its like the battery has run low and it wont work properly. We manage to get it back to just before she jumps but it is not enough. We try again and it goes weird like time has stood still. Max is fighting to walk through this like through thick mud. Eventually we make it to the building door and get to the roof before Kate jumps. Here you have a conversation with Kate to try and stop her jumping. I understand it is possible but I didn’t manage it and of course you cant rewind.

Sadly Kate jumps!

We then find ourselves in the principals offices with Mr Jefferson, Nathan, David, the police and the Principal.  The principal wants to try and find out why she jumped and here you have an option on what you say. I decided to point the finger at Nathan again!  After a bit arguing about you have the choice whether to sign the statement or not confining what you say. Again I was in for a penny in for a pound so signed it.

Max is shown to be very distressed by what happened to Kate and by the fact that, despite her power, she could not save her. I understand it is possible to save her, however I wonder if it starts even further back then the conversation on the roof. Maybe even as far back as when we see Kate being harassed by Mr Madson. Anyway we are shown a cut scene showing various characters and scenes of upset and grief before we arrives to the end of the chapter and the list of our choices that will have consequences that have happened throughout the chapter.

Episode 3 – Chaos Theory

We wake up after a bad dream in Max’s dorm room. You can take the opportunity to look and interact with things in the room, inc the PC, and you will see the mood of the campus after what happened to Kate. Once you finished looking around, leave the room and head down the hall where you will see Dana in her room. Go chat with her and she will let you know that Victoria has snuck out after hours which means her room is empty. Also take the opportunity to nose around her room and at her PC.

Next make your way to Victorias room and have a good look around while you can. Interact with everything you can to just add to your knowledge. Next I went into the bathrooms and talked with Taylor. Once finished there make your way out of the dorm area and outside on your way to meet Chloe.

However the only gate to where you are meeting Chloe is blocked by a drunk Principal Wells. However if you rewind you can go back to when he is fumbling with his keys in the door and has his back to the path. Sneak past quickly then and you wont get caught. Chloe being her usual insensitive self jumps out on you making Max jump and not very pleased!

Chloe has Blackwell’s spare keys

But they make up and head on over to the main building as they want to get into the Principals office. However on the way you will come across a scene between Mr Jefferson and Victoria which is interesting.

So that is it for this post, check in for the next videos to see what Max and Chloe find in the Principals office and much much more.

DMG Amanda

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