Life is Strange is a story based episodic choice and consequence game featuring a teenage girl, Max Caulfield, and her friend, Chloe as they try to unravel the truth behind the disappearance of another girl, Rachel.

However there is a little twist to the story which we discover almost immediately. It turns out that Max can manipulate time and so as the player we have options to re-do things to effect the outcome.

Episode 1 – Chrysalis

Our protagonist Max is standing in a forest in the middle of a storm, make your way up to the lighthouse and you will see a huge twister heading your way. But then all of a sudden Max is sitting back in her class room.  The teacher is giving his lecture and during this time all you can do is look and interact with objects on the desk. To move things forward you need to take a selfie with the camera which will lead to the teacher asking you a question.

At the end of the lecture you are able to get up and interact with objects and people in the classroom. At some point you will have to go and speak with the teacher, again the replies do not really matter.  Once you have finished with him you are able to leave the classroom. I took the opportunity just before leaving to check out Max’s journal and catch up with that.

Once in the hallway Max will switch on her music and you can make your way down the hallway. Again there are some things and people to interact with but the main goal is to make your way to the girls cloakroom. In order to continue the story you need to use the tap. The cut scene will then show you a butterfly that Max wants to take a photo of. As she goes around the corner, a boy literally bursts into the girls bathroom, followed soon after by a girl.

Things will rapidly get out of hand and the girl is shot. However Max puts her hand up and yells no and this triggers her power to rewind for the first time. This time you will go all the way back to classroom. Max will break her camera because of the shock, and we will learn how to activate her powers hoc, rewinding time until the camera is fixed. Follow all the prompts going back and forward in time til the end of class. Max is desperate to get to the girls cloakroom but the teacher will hold Max in class at the end to talk to her.

Follow the prompts again, and again use rewind until you can leave and run to the cloakroom.  The whole situation will repeat and you will need to find a distraction. Max needs to break the fire alarm, here you are taught that all objects will remain in your inventory when you rewind. After a few rewinds you are able to set off the fire alarm and save the girl.

As you leave the cloakroom you get stopped and harassed by the security guard until the principal intervenes. The principle then talks with you, and you have the choice to tell what happened in the cloakroom. Don’t forget you are able to rewind if you don’t like the response. I decided to stick with my first choice of telling the principle what happened.

Max is now outside in the grounds of Blackwell and is contemplating what has happened and how she can rewind time. Then get up and move around the grounds. Your goal is to get to the dorms but there are lots of people (teachers and students) you can talk to all around the grounds first if you like. The first one is the teacher just over on the left. She will talk about the security around the school, and how the security guard that harassed you earlier is wanting to put cameras all around the school. She asks you to sign a petition. This choice has consequences, so choose wisely.

There are also several students you can talk to here, but once finished head to the dorms. Victoria and her cronies are blocking the way and wont move. Time for some persuasion.  First tamper with the paint bucket that is just next to the maintenance guy and his ladder. You will need enter the maintenance room and turn on the sprinklers which will make the girls to stand up off the steps and into the line of fire of the paint bucket, which the maintenance guy has now taken up the ladder and hung on the scaffold above them. As the handle breaks paint spills all over Victoria.  If you don’t get it right first time or are not fast enough don’t forget you can rewind and go again.

Now go speak with Victoria, be nice or mean. But this choices has consequences. You can now get inside the dorms so make your way to your dorm room. Once inside you can interact with a number of items but you need to read the note on your laptop to move forward.  We see on the laptop that Max’s friend Warren wants his flash drive back but it seems a girl named Dana borrowed it from Max.  So make your way out of your room and back down the hall.

On the way you will see a girl yelling at a door, you try to talk to her but she is not interested as she thinks you don’t even know her. To prove it she wants you to tell her her last name. Its Watson but if you don’t get it right first time use rewind power to correct that. Once you do get it right you find out a whole story of why she is shouting and it is up to you to go get some proof fro Victoria’s room that she is mistaken and it is in fact Victoria – again!  Go to her room, and have a noisy around. I think I missed some stuff but the proof you need is on the laptop, find it, print it and then go show it to Juliet.  The girl that was locked in the room was the one with the flash drive so you can now go get that. Now you can continue to look around and talk to people but the next thing you need to do is make your way to meet Warren.

On the way outside the dorm rooms you have the chance to stop a girl getting hit with a football, As you continue on to meet Warren you come across a scene where the security guard is harassing another student Kate. You can intervene or not, the choice you make will have consequences. I decided to take a photo thinking that this would act as evidence of his harassment. Turns out Kate didn’t see it that way and just thought we didn’t bother.

Now at the carpark have a look about, you will see more posters about the missing girl. When ready go over to Warren and you will get into conversation with him. You will get choices on your replies but it all leads up to an altercation with Nathan, Warren jumping in to try and a truck pulling up with a girl also trying to help. Turns out its the girl in the bathroom and you’re long time no see best friend. You haven’t seen Chloe in a long while and there is some angst on her part about that but nonetheless she takes you back to her house. At the house there is lots to look at in Chloe’s room and opportunities to rewind after if you want.

I have to be honest I was so involved I actually forgot and some of those things are definitely coming back on me later. On the way back in Chloe’s truck Max breaks her camera and Chloe says that her step dad has some tools in the garage you can use to fix it. This gives you an opportunity to snoop in the house outside of Chloe’s room. Turns out that Chloe’s new step dad is the nasty security guard and turns out it is very odd. He has files on students which I knocked on the floor – you should rewind as if it never happened – I forgot oops! Plus he has camera’s hidden all around the house.

So that is it for today, I hope you enjoyed and that you will come back for the next instalments.

DMG Amanda

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