Senua has started her journey to Hellheim but in order to proceed through the gate to go over the bridge she must first defeat both Surt and Valravn. Starting with Valravn, Senua is  just approaching her first challenge.

The Gate to Hel:-
Valravn – First Gate

Push open the wooden gates and enter the Courtyard. Ahead you will see the first of Valravn’s challenge gates with the red lit Valravn’s symbol upon them. Approach them and ‘Focus’

Align the Ravens to break his Magic Seal

Basically this means that you need to look around the Courtyard area and find then recreate that symbol.If you look carefully you will see Valravn on top of the wall, this is a clue as to where you need to go. But how to get there as there are no steps or ladders up. This is where the illusion comes into play and it is something to keep in mind all the way through this section.  So walk through the highlighted tree arch, which is like before, a portal. This right will reveal an archway in a stone wall opposite the portal. Go through it and follow the path up to the top of the wall overlooking the courtyard. Stand directly opposite the Gates with Valravn’s symbol and you will see white glowing shapes hanging down across the courtyard. Move til these line up and recreate the Symbol and then press Focus. The gates will now be unlocked and Senua can proceed.

Valravn – Second Gate

As you push open the gates you find yourself in an open forest area with stone ruins around it. Senua needs to find the next set of gates with the Valravn symbol on, however you are free to have a wander around if you want too. Follow the main path and at the end the path curves around to the right and slopes upwards to the gates with the Valravn’s symbol on it. Go up to it and ‘Focus’ to activate the symbols.

When you turn back around to the forest you will see the white shapes hanging from the trees. These are the elements of the symbol that we need to recreate the symbol. You will now hear Valravn ‘singing’ if you focus you and move your aim only i.e. stay in one place but just look around, you will locate where the sound is coming from. This is your guide. Head back down the slope into the forest, turn left and go through the portal which will then to reveal hidden steps. Go up them and at the top follow the path around to the left. Continue into the woods. Again you will hear Valravn singing and also you will see him in the distance.

Walk towards him but as you get closer it becomes apparent it was just another illusion. Turn back on yourself slightly and then head right down the path and over the bridge towards the singing Valravn but again it is another illusion. Move forward though the little clearing with the false Valravn and making sure to go through the portal you will see ahead of you and entrance, highlighted to us with fire urns. Head towards it and then go underneath the plank and then go up the ladder at the far end where at the top we find another false Valravn and a portal. Go through the portal.

As you go through the portal you will see the tower below you changing shape and getting steps. Go down, go towards the tower and up its steps. Here stand and move til the separate white shapes blend together to recreate the Valravn symbol, then focus to lock it in and open the second gate. Head down the steps and around and up the slope and push open Valravn’s gates.

Valravn – Third Gate

Walk up the slope on the left and attempt to open the gates. They won’t open so continue following the path around, hop up the large step and forward under the plank. Here we enter into our first battle.

I have to say you do not get any hand holding in this game, no hints on keys to press, or little instructional battles to start you off. If you haven’t already read my first post which gives some hints and tips on combat. However to be honest this first battle was terrible for me and I was very frustrated, as things even like working out how to get up when you have been knocked down preventing that fatal blow (mashing the evade key repeatedly BTW) took me ages – and from other reviews I have read subsequently I am not alone in this – to work out. However since this episode I have had a few more battles and I am definitely getting better so my advice is just persevere.

So as you duck under the plank and walk into the open area the enemies will appear. Senua will automatically draw her sword. So start fighting and keep going til they are all dead. The voices will advise you if one is coming up behind you but will also trying and make you lose confidence too. There will often be more than one enemy to watch out for that.

Also do use your focus button. I cannot say how it works, in that I haven’t worked out what sequence of events makes it ‘live’ again. I just keep pressing until it works and as it freezes the enemies it is a really helpful tool. This is not yet the fight with Valravn so do not get too excited when you win, you still have plenty of work to do lol!

After the fight, go out of the courtyard via the path on your right, walk upwards, examining  the Rune Stone on the way. Follow the path underneath a broken pillar, then jump down and back out into more forest. Follow the path and up the steep steps to reach the third Valravn gate. Focus on it to activate Valravn’s symbol.

Now first I must say that I wandered around quite a lot before finding these false Valravn’s so to help I have tried here to consolidate my exploration into a more direct route.  Also remember that you can follow Valravn’s song by using your focus button.

So for the first Valravn, from the gates go down the steps into the forest and up the steps immediately ahead. At the clearing, go ahead and slightly to your right, crossing the bridge. Ahead is a Tower Ruin, follow the outer edge until you reach an opening that will allow into the centre. Here I climbed the wooden ladder and walked across the top of the wall and looked across to where the false Valravn was. This seemed to be sufficient, however I think you were in fact meant, before entering the tower, to push down the bridge just by the tower ruins, cross them, go through the portal to reveal a entryway which would in fact take you up to the area Valravn was and expose him as fake that way.

For the second Valravn starting again with our backs to the original gates and the steps, turn left and ahead you will see a portal walk through it. Continue on, around the round edge of the ruins and then on your right up a large step and across a wood beam to a raised area inside another stone ruin. Drop down and head to the tower in front of you, Follow it a short way around where you will see some stone steps heading up one level. Climb the wooden ladder to the next level where Valravn is. As usual when you reach him he is just another illusion. However when you reach the top and walk to the edge you realise that half of the Raven pieces have gone.

Climb back down and continue walking forward when you reach the bottom of the stone steps. About half way between these and the bridge ahead you can turn towards Valravn’s gates, use the focus and align the Raven symbols to unlock the gate. Run back to them and now you will be able to push them open. They open up to a somewhat desolate courtyard, which you can walk safely across to the open gates ahead.

Enter the Courtyard and walk towards the gates with Valravn’s symbol on. Use your focus button to activate it. You now must align the ravens as before. With your back to the gates, head left, there’s a gap in the courtyard wall with a ladder taking you up a level. On this level you will see a portal.  Enter the portal and you will see a tree branch appear. To get to it you must go back down to the Courtyard, continue around the inner wall to your left as you exit and you will see some stone steps. Go up them and then onto & across the tree branch. Follow back onto some planks and back down onto another platform, up the stone steps ahead of you.

Walk straight through the portal and onto the plank bridge it created. Cross over onto the stone pillar, jump down and push the bridge down so you can cross. Cross over the bridge, run back around to the upper level with the portal. Go through the portal and jump down (the plank has now gone and the portal is doing a different job). Cross the bridge again and this time you will be able to get onto the tree and walk up to the nest. Here activate your focus to align the symbol on the gate and unlock it. As it it unlocks  Here you will go to a cut scene, after which you finally face Valravn himself.  

Valravn is a strong fast enemy

He can disappear and reappear at will. I made use as often as I could of the focus button (still not sure the whys and wherefores of this feature) and this helped. But I think on the whole be accurate in evading him when he attacks helps a lot as he is strong and a blow can be very damaging. He also cheats in that when you finally do wound him, he does a flit and gets his mates in to take over for a bit. Like all of the fights persistence, good timing and evasion are the keys. Or you can just do what I do and throw it all at him and hope for the best lol!

Now you have beaten Valravn you need to go back to the original courtyard that the entrances of both to Valravn’s and Surt’s realms. So leave the courtyard where you are now through the gates that are now open and walk around and down to the next set of gates below. Walk through these and on straight through the forest, following the path to the gates at the back.

Keep following the main path and on your way you will hear a voice calling Senua’s name, just before a steep drop down.  Look ahead and you will spot a big, stone face, focus on it. It is Senua’s mother. She will have a little chat and then move on by climbing down the ladder, following the path until you reach the Courtyard area with the gates to both Valravn and Surt.

Be aware however as soon as you walk into the Courtyard a battle immediately ensues.  Fight off all the enemies and then push on through the other gate.


Now I had already started in the realm of Surt and had made it to the first gate, found the symbols then got in a mess and for some reason could not get the gates open. However if you want to see that then take a hop over to HERE to watch it. Otherwise here I am just walking up the paths through the clearing and to the gate that I could not open before and which this time opens as easy as pie! Go figure!

Surt – First Burning Gate

Follow the path around, up, down and all the way to the clearing. Opposite you you will see the rounded gates with Surt’s symbol on them. As you enter the clearing enemies will come including a new one that has a shield. He is much harder to dispatch and I found the easiest way was to use the focus button to create the star filled frozen moment where all the enemies stop still while Senua continues to beat the whatsits out of them. After the fight, approach the Surt’s gates and focus on it to activate the symbol.

You now need to go under the wooden arch behind you, up the short hill and to the stone ‘statue’. On the back of it you will see Surt’s symbol. Focus on it, this will send you to a cut scene which shows Senua touching the symbol which causes an inferno all around to commence.  As soon as you can run back down the hill, across the clearing and through the burning Surt’s gates. You must act fast otherwise Senua will die from smoke inhalation and the black rot on her arm will increase.

Once you are through the gates the fire will abate. Make your way up the hill to the bridge. As you cross the bridge you will see your way is blocked so you need to find another way. Come back and instead of going straight ahead onto the bridge as you did before, turn left and down the hill.

Surt – Second Burning Gate

Follow the path around and down til you see another one of Surt’s gates ahead. Focus on it to activate the symbol.  Turn around from the gate and continue on along the path as before, where you reach a lightly wooded area. Here the path splits, to get to the Fire Statue take the left path, although there may be some value in exploring the other path too (I didnt go down it myself so I am not sure if there is any Rune Stones there or not).

Continue hard left hugging the rock face where you will find the path takes you a short tunnel. On the other side, cross the beam and follow the path down into the clearing where directly ahead of you, side on, is the fire statue. Go to it and focus on it to activate it. Then run, fast following the only path over the edge of a steep drop and the following the path back to the gate. Run through the gate and it will go to a cut scene. Once that is done the fire will abate.

Surt – Third Burning Gate

Continue along the path through the gate to a clearing with wooden buildings around the edge. Do not worry no enemies will come here yet. Go straight to the gate opposite and up some stone steps. Activate it by using the focus button. Now you need to find the two runes. For the first one go into one of the buildings, take the stairs up and go across to the balcony. Look down to the clearing below where you will see what looks like lines of smouldering grass. This is the rune, focus on it to unlock it. For the second one, jump down and head to the clearing, and look on the crossed trees to find the rune. The gate will now open, go through it, follow the path until you see the Fire Statue. Touch it to activate it.

The inferno will now commence and you need to run fast! Run down the steps back into the clearing and follow the only clear path to the buildings. Go inside and run to the back corridor and along the back of the building, go up the stairs and across the plank to the next building. Jump down and you are now on the other side of the clearing and able to head towards the gates. However before you get there some enemies appear so you need to dispatch them first. But mind the flames don’t set you on fire as you fight! As soon as you can run to the gates. a cut scene will occur and then when we come back to the reality of the gates the flames will be gone.

Surt – Fourth Burning Gate

Walk on and then on your right is a ladder up the side of a high stone building. Climb up. Walk across the building to the far end where the are some wooden steps down into the enclosure. If you then go left then right up the hill, you will find Surt’s gate. Activate it by using Focus.

So Senua has met all the challenges so far by Surt, now she has reached the final gate before she will meet him person. Do come back to watch how she gets on but in the meantime thank you for watching,

DMG Amanda

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