Senua has been been facing emotionally and physically hard trials in order to re-forge the sword of Gramr. She has completed three of these and has only one more to go. She has arrived at the shard and is ready to go.

The Trial of Tryfing

When you turn away from the shard you will seem to still be on the beach, turn around and run down the beach. You will seer a flag and here run up the hill where you will find an entrance to a labyrinth. Follow Dillion’s voice, choosing the direction where you hear him loudest or in my case just blindly blunder around until you find the right place lol! As you walk around light the torches as not only does this give you more light but it also helps you keep track of where you have been already.

Eventually you’ll find a room with a broken wall, dip under and through to another tunnel. Follow the tunnel until you come out in what appears to be back in the labyrinth again, the room you enter into is not lit, so light it. Ahead however is but the room to the right is not. Go right. As you enter the room a short way along on your left is a doorway with a red glow. Enter it and go to a cut scene. At the end of the cut scene you are back on the beach in front of the now un-shining shard.

So we have completed the last trial so now return to the tree and pull out the sword of Gramr. As you pull it out the tree wraps around you and prevents your exit, we then go to a cut scene where we learn how Senua was persecuted by her people as they blamed her for the plague.

The Sea of Corpses

As the cut scene clears we find ourselves in a clearing and having our first opportunity to test the sword for the first time. Fight several waves of enemies and feel the strength of our new sword. Once they are gone you find you are in a river of blood with corpses piled high at the sides. Some of these corpses still move! Make you way following the river way and then path that the moving bodies have created.  The path then opens up again and is what we now recognise as the ‘arena’ where we are to fight. Enemies come almost immediately and again use you sword, and focus, to scythe through them. Once you have dealt with them move forward again, on the way on you will hear Senua’s mother, use focus to hear her.  Then almost immediately you enter into another battle.

This is a tough fight of Norsemen, shielded men, death men and the new two handed axe men and it keeps coming. Don’t forget the only time you can hurt the men of death is when you have used focus. The battle is very very long and there are wave after wave of enemies coming at you. When you have killed them all, continue up the path out of the bloody waters. Keep following the path higher and higher until you get to two large corpses with linked arms, Cross over your ‘bridge’ and as you look up the hill you will see Mama again. Go up to her, focus and listen.  We then go to a cut scene with Senua and Dillion. When this is finished we find ourselves back  in front of the tree where we got Gramr.

Ahead of you is a spit that goes out over the sea to Hellheim ahead. Go across it and onto the beach, walk along the beach to the broken bridge and run around and up to the top of it. Just near it in the rock face is a door way. Unlike before we can now open it. Enter and go up the stone steps ahead of you. They open up into a circular tower and the steps split off the left and to the right. Directly ahead is a rune stone, focus to hear its story.  Take the left hand walkway as the other way is broken. Up to the top where you find another doorway.

The Lair of Fenrir

As you open the doors the darkness is here to greet you followed by a cut scene where we find out that a beast lingers in the darkness. So once you are back in control run straight towards the light in the distance. At the end grab the torch as this will give you protection from the darkness. Here we go to another cut scene this time between Senua and her mother. Her mother is talking through a locked rune protected door.

When she has finished talking focus on the door to activate the runes and then go hunt for them. This will be made more difficult because of having to fight the darkness. Initially as we had run straight from the entrance up to the rune door it was not obvious tha t there were many passages and doorways of this tunnel. This is somewhat of a maze and it is here we will find the runes.

Rune 1:

from the main entrance take the first passage on your left under a tent shaped entrance. Walk along following the passage along and then around  a sharp right turn. Shortly after the passage opens up and you are effectively at a crossroads. Go right and follow the passage until it opens up into a room. By the entrance is a torch you can light, do so. There are further torches around the edge of the room, light more if you can but the enemies will come so you may run out of time. Fight off the enemies and when finished light the rest of the torches. Then go up the stairs and look down at the blood on the stone floor, this is your rune. Find the shape and focus.

Rune 2:

from the rune gate take the first arched gateway on your left. You come to a tower with steps around the edge taking you down. At the bottom there is a gap in the wall that takes you to a water filled tunnel. You can go through the first metal grill but the second is not broken so you need to duck under it into the bloody water.  This of course puts out the torch and makes Senua vulnerable to attack from the beast in the darkness. Move as quickly as you can forward and into the light ahead. If you are not quick enough you will die.  Move on from this little island of light in the water to the next puddle of light further ahead.

To get this rune you need to use the puddles of light to run across to the passageway where there is a torch for Senua to pick up. Once she has that she can light up the torches around the cave. Once they are lit you will see a wooden post with another piece at angle attached to it in some water. The torches have created a reflection of it and when positioned correctly the wood and it reflection create our rune. Focus and then move on, back through the tunnel where she collected the torch, which will lead you back to the bottom of the tower and then on up to the main passageway.

Rune 3:

From the rune gate take the same arched gateway as before but this time head up the spiral steps rather than down. At the top go into the tunnel and follow it all the way through to a small room. Light the torch and watch as the shadow creates the rune shape you need on the wall. Focus to collect it and then you have all the runes you need for the gate. Hurry back now to the gate before your torch runs out and open the gate.

As you open the doors the light goes out in the passage beyond and Senua’s torch is blown out. A cut scene shows the beast chasing down the passage behind Senua so it is time to run and try to get to the light ahead.  As you run, you get to a planked bridge, which as you cross it collapses. Senua only just saves herself but Dillion’s head breaks off her belt and falls below.  We go to a cut scene her showing her despair and darkness trying to get to her.

When you can walk around the edge of the tower til you get to an open grate. Here you’ll find a new torch that you’ll need as you walk down into the tunnels. You end up on a lower level where you now cross a wooden beam towards a Rune Door.  However before you get a chance to focus on it you get attacked by a number of enemies. When you have defeated them, focus on the door before starting your hunt for the rune.

Go up the stairs and lit the fire torch cage thing and then come down and go around behind where you lit the torch. From the ground there the light of the torch creates light and darkness where there a gaps in the wood behind the torch. This is your rune.

Now go to the rune gate and open it. One the other side you will find a torch lit cave with a waterfall blocking your path onward. You need to walk through the waterfall to move forward and this will obviously put out your torch. As it does so you need to move as quickly as you can to the next light area and collect a torch there.

It is not as easy as it sounds as it is very disorientating and is hard to find your way. Once you have your torch go down the steps, along the tunnel, across the wooden beam and out into the top passageways of a cave. To your left are some cages and in one is a Rune Stone if you want to focus to hear more of the story.

Follow the path until you come to an open cave area with a red rune door at the end. Go as usual to the doorway and focus to activate the rune. Next light the torches sound the cave area to help with keeping the darkness away.  Go through the metal archway under the waterfall. This will obviously put out the torch and make Senua vunerable to the darkness so you need to run along the passageway to your right.  At the end just before the light is a bridge to be pushed down, push it and get into the light where you are safe.  Then run back out the way you came, under the water and back and light your torch. Move across the cave towards the entrance you came in from and take the left hand tunnel, go forward and under a low passageway, following it around until you pop out back at the bridge on the other side of the water and the bridge you pushed down.

Now you have a torch in your hand that is lit so you can light the standing torch next to the bridge giving you light in an area of darkness. There is no point in going into the tunnel first because when you got to the bridge area you can only push it down from the other side so you would have been stuck. You have to do it in this order to succeed.  Now move forward towards the waterfall but do not go under it. As you get to it, opposite is some steps, go up them and around til you reach another standing torch. Light this and then move back down the steps and right up to the metal bars, looking through you will see the shadow of the torchlight has created the rune on the wall opposite.

Focus to lock it in and then move out of this area, going under the waterfall into the main cave and open the wooden rune doors. Follow the passageway til it looks like you have reached a dead end, here in the ground you will find a hole. Drop down into it.  As you crawl along through the corpses and water you will hear Dillion talking to you and Senua will respond. Now make the final sprint as your torch fades and finally disappears, however this sprint lands you right to a big boss fight with Fenrir himself. Fenrir is a reptilian like creature on four legs, he is big, strong but surprisingly fast. You need to try to attack heavy blows from the side to avoid being walloped by his strong clawed feet. He will use the darkness to retreat to so when he does watch carefully to see where his next charge is coming from and then evade.  He will also bring on darkness to effect Senua’s state of mind and at the same time will try to attack her. Use focus to assist here.

Once you defeat him, and it will be a hard fight but persistence and tactical evasion is the key to victory in my opinion. When the he is finally dead there will be a cut scene, in which first we have some conversation about her father and Dillion and then it cuts off to another scene where darkness decides it wants to side with Senua now and no longer be her enemy. Once that is over and you have control again, move towards the archway where you can see light shining through. Once you get there you will see you are in a large canyon area with lots of wooden bridges – Hela’s!

Here make your way up to the broken bridge where it will go to a cut scene where we are told this is the final task, the final battle and where Senua makes a speech about not being afraid etc

So to fix the bridge you have to do a couple of things and go to a few different locations around this area.

  • From the bridge, turn around and go to your left, up the stone steps and back around on yourself up some more stone steps til you arrive and a small vantage point overlooking the bridge. There are some railings blocking the view, until you are in the middle where the bars are lower. Look at the bridge here and line up the glass like floating pieces til they form part of the bridge, and then focus. This is similar to what we did in Valravn’s world.
  • If your back was to the broken bridge take a right back to towards the way we came in. Go down the steps, across the beam, into the building, up the steps and into the tower. You know you are in there when you see the rune stone. Go up the steps spiralling around the inside of the tower until you run out of steps and turn into the circle courtyard. This as always is your arena and you will be attacked by a number of enemies as you leave. But first go out of the courtyard through the back tunnel to where you overlook the bridge. Move about until the shards move into place and then focus to set them in place. Now as you come back into the courtyard the enemies will appear and you will need to kill them all off before moving on.
  • Go back to the broken bridge and this time move out onto it. Turn back and look towards the rock platform with a torch that is to the left of the bridge and you will see the shards can start to come into focus to make a entrance way. Once you line them up and have set them in place by using focus move back off the bridge and up to the left to make your way through this new entrance way, down the steps and through the open gate at the bottom leading into a stone square courtyard bordered by metal bars.  On the wall opposite to left a little is a hole in the wall. Walk under it and crawl around the passage until you come out in the tower. To your left is another passage (of normal height, that goes through to a gate, which you can open from this side and takes you back to the main courtyard barred room where we just were. The tower itself has spiralling steps all around the inside taking you up the top of the tower . However stop at the halfway up point and turn into another circular courtyard area. As you do you will be attacked by a enemies, kill them off as you have in the past.

Once you have killed them off you will see a triangular shape hole at the back of the courtyard, go through it and you will see the bridge. As you look at you will see the shards, move til they are aligned and then focus to reconstruct. The bridge is now complete.

Go back down to the bridge and start to cross. I say start as you will not get very far before more enemies come and attack Senua.  Once you have killed them all off make your way to the end of the bridge.

Hela’s Gate

Once inside, head down the long walkway that looks like a boardwalk. As you walk along you come to Senua’s mirror (only bigger) and various cut scenes. At the end walk to the mirror and through light into Hela’s realm. Here Hela is at the end of the boardwalk and you need to run towards her to fight her. However Hela is not going to make it easy and will put obstacles in Senua’s way.   Fight the first lot of enemies and then move on from the platform across the boardwalk to the next circle heading all the time to Hela. Each time there will be a new obstacle or enemy until eventually Senua reaches the final platform with Hela on.

Hela will send more enemies to fight but it seems however hard you fight and forever long you cannot win the battle. Clearly this is a message about Senua’s mental state and an indication that perhaps that all this has been her perception of the world rather than reality. Eventually you will hear a voice begging Senua to let it go and stop fighting, and of course to let Dillion go – this is shown as a reality but again I imagine it means figuratively to let him go emotionally and move forward with your life. At this point we go to the finale cut scene of Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice which I will not reveal to you hear and leave it for you to watch.

So that is the end of this Lets Play, I hope you enjoyed it. I think you will know that I personally found it a struggle. So fantastically brilliant in some ways and incredibly frustrating in another. But anyway thanks again and see you again for a new lets play soon,

DMG Amanda

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