In order to get through the gate towards Hellheim, Senua has to fight both Valravn, the god of illusion, and Surt the god of fire.  She has successfully fought Valravn and has almost completed her battles against Surt. She just has the final one to go against Surt himself.

Having activated Surt’s gate you need to find the Fire Stone which is behind a rune gate. Turn and move back down the hill and right to the end where you will find the gate. Activate it. Now hunt the runes. So moving back up the path, turning right and make your way around back into the building you first came through to get to this location. As you climb up the steps, ahead is the Rune in the beams. Next in this same building there is a bridge across to another building where you will find the second rune in the gaps in the planks of the wall opposite you. However from here it is back to front so make your way back down and around to look at it from outside ground level.

Finally make your way to the observation tower, walk out to the end of the platform, look left and using the pole sticking up at the end of our platform to match up with the roof line of a building across and to the left to create the rune. You now have all three so make your way back to the rune gate which will now be able to be opened. Behind the gate you will find the fire stone. As before touch it then run like mad to the gate at the far end of the pathway and up the hill. As you get through the gate you will go to a cut scene of various gruesome things followed by Senua coming around in front of Surt ready to fight him.

Fighting Surt

Generally Surt is slow but strong boss to fight. He is a good swordsman and can kill you with a single blow. However because he is slow you can evade, do not try to block he is too strong. He likes to try and stun you with a kick however again because he is slow this is easy to spot and therefore can be evaded. As the fire god he like to use flames, gathering them up and throwing them at you and also using them as armour. Direct attacks are therefore counter protective as they hurt you more than him.

The only real way to defeat him is to use focus and listen to the voices as to when to do so. Once you have killed him you will go to a cut scene with Druth which when finished you will see that you are standing in a clearing just above the gate of fire you went through before meeting Surt. You now have the second mark to open the gates to Hellheim.

Now you need to make your way back through Surt’s world, checking on the way for any rune stones you may have missed and can now activate. After all a lot of the time on the way up you were running through this world as it was on fire. Once you are back at the original gate make your way into the courtyard where the gate you needed to open with the marks of both Valravn and Surt is. Go to the gate and open it.

The Bridge to Hel

You will now go to a cut scene which gives a little information about Senua and her story. Once that has finished you find yourself on the Bridge to Hel.  As you walk across the bridge several enemies appear. Fight them each as they come until you beat them all. Then continue across the bridge to the gate. In my video you will see it appears my gate does not open and I turn around and go back to the gate I started from.

I watched it through very carefully and realised that halfway through the battle with the enemy with the shield, Senua got  twisted around back to front and so when I thought I was continuing to walk on, I actually was walking back the way I had come! This happened when Senua was literally thrown in the air and then when she landed the enemy with the shield that threw her was somehow in front of her when she landed. Not sure how he got there so quick but what it did was get me twisted around without realising. So when the enemies were defeated I continued on towards the wrong gate hence why it appeared that the gate I went towards did not work.

So when I turned around and walked across the bridge to what I thought was the gate I entered from it was not, it was actually the gate i had initially been walking towards before the enemy got me all twisted around. So ignore that part of the video because unless you get twisted up you will find that if you continue across the bridge towards the doorway it will be fine. So at the end of the bridge you will reach a door way, push it open to find yourself smacked on the head by an enemy wielding a huge axe thing. You have a brief cut scene showing this and then almost without realising it goes into the battle so be on the alert to pick up the reins and fight these enemies. Once they are dead you will see you are in another Courtyard type area on the edge of the sea with Viking long ships wrecked in the water belowGo through the doorway on your left and you will find a rune gate at the end, focus to activate.

 Next between the two gates is a passageway down to the wrecked viking ship. Make you way down onto the ship and towards the bow (the pointy end lol) Look over to the Courtyard and Building and focus. If you focus in the right place steps will appear to allow you access to the upper floor of the building. Once you have done that go back into the building and hunt for the runes. You will find two of them hanging from the roof using parts of the hanging red metal beams to create the shapes. For the first go up the stairs, walk along the gallery and look for a ladder to take you up even higher. From that platform look back towards the roof area and those red metal beams hanging to create the first rune. Go back down the ladder along the gallery and look across to the same red beams to get the second rune.

Next go back down to the ground floor courtyard and again looking at the red metal beams you will find the final rune. Now you have all the runes you will be able to go through the door.  On the other side of the door is another bridge but this one is in poor state of repair. As you start to cross it you are confronted by Hela who after a long cut scene unceremoniously dumps you to the beach below.

Shipwreck Beach

Senua has no sword at this point in her journey, and was wounded n her encounter with Hela. On the beach she sees what we understand Senua believes to be the soul of Dillion. You will see a sparkling blue white light, follow it. Go all the way up the beach, under the bridge (not onto it as I did) and keep following ‘Dillion’. At one point it will go to quite a long cut scene looking back at how Senua and Dillion met, the colours here are striking in their contrast to where we have been and I guess is another indication of Senua’s state of mind. The cut scene changes to a darker side and then at the end Senua is standing near a large tree.

Forging Gramr

Inside, a glow appears and when you enter inside the tree it seems that it is coming from a sword embedded in the tree, Senua will try to pul it from the tree but is unable to do so. We go to another cut scene where Druth explains about the sword, called Gramr and how the only way to pull the sword from the tree is to accept and conquer the trials of Odin. These trials each start at the four glowing runestones around the beach here.

The Trial of Baldr

Approach each shard in turn to complete the trials. Look at the shard, focus and here the tale, then look away and find yourself somewhere different where there will be a challenge to be met.

The Tower Shard

As you look away from the shard you find yourself on the end of a jetty. In the distance is a building and in the darkness you see the soul of Dillion enter the building. However at this point there is no way off the jetty onto the land with the building. So turn right down another section of the jetty and up some steps onto a circular area with a large mask on it. As you focus onto the mask the world around changes from one of darkness to one of light. In this world the jetty and building are in good repair but also Dillion isn’t here.  So you want to do a couple things while you are here before heading back to the darkness.

  1. The wooden gates under the porch at the front of the building are rune gates. Make sure you focus on these to activate the runes before returning to the present.
  2. Go around to the jetty from the other side of the mask. Here you will find a bridge that you can push down. This will stay down when you go back to the darkness so will give you a way across to the land when you are back there. Move across the bridge and use the mask to return to the dark.
  3. As you look at the building from the jetty, go through the iron gate, collapsed in the dark, on the right. Here you will see Dillion again inside the building, however, in the darkness, due to the state of disrepair of the building, your way is blocked. Use the mask in the courtyard there to turn the world back to the light where the entrance to the building is not blocked. Again though Dillion will not be in this world.
    1. Once inside move up the steps to find the rune. It is the sunlight casting light and shadow that creates the shape. We will now be able to open the front doors to the building so can exit the building now, use the mask outside to change the world back to the darkness.
  4. Head round to the front of the building and open the doors to go back inside where Dillion is. When you open the doors you will see shards of light like we had in Valravn’s world and so we need to align them, then focus to create a staircase up to the next level.
  5. Climb the stairs and wooden steps to the top. In the distance you will see a white light Dillion walking about. Go to the rune gate and focus to activate. To find the runes change the word back to light using the mask in the middle of the room.
    1. Find the first one on this floor, as the sunlit gaps in the wooden wall next to the steps up.
    2. The next one change the world back to darkness and climb the steps to the third floor. Follow the gallery down to the end where there is an open door to a balcony.  Look out over the shattered broken bridge where you will see the soul of Dillion in the distance, and the rune in the metal struts and wires above the bridge.
    3. Move off the balcony via the other door and follow the gallery down and through a door to another balcony. Here in the middle is a opening where you can push down a bridge to the raised centre section. Push it down and walk across to the circle where you will find a mask. Use the mask to change the world to light.  Walk back to the balcony and turning right to the far end, standing back from the wooden wall you will see the rune in its gaps. This is the last one and you will now be able to open the gates.
  6. However you are now locked on the balcony in this world so go back across the bridge and change the world back to dark with the mask. Move back out across the bridge onto the balcony, turning left and following the gallery along to the next balcony. Go across it and out the other door to another gallery and then down the steps to the second floor.
  7. Go to the rune gates and open them.  Senua is now on the broken bridge with Dillion’s soul in the distance. Keep going til you reach the end of the bridge and Dillion. At this point we go to a cut scene where Dillion’s soul falls off the end of the bridge and then he starts talking to her.

As it comes to an end she is looking into a stoney puddle and then we realise we have returned to the beach and completed the trial of the first shard. It will change colour to confirm your success.

The Trial of Plague

Now to the second shard. Again approach the shard and focus to activate it. A story will commence and then Senua will find herself in a strange location. Start to move forward and the voices will tell you that they see Dillion again. He is in a building a short distance away so make your way towards it. You will come to a broken bridge, when you get to the middle you cannot continue so jump down into the swamp.

The Swamp Shard

In order to get to Dillion we need to recreate a bridge from the mirror shards. In order to be att the right angle to do so we need climb the tower. So make your way towards the tower. Next to it you will find an arch similar to those in Valravn’s world. Go through it to illuminate the access to through to the back of tower. However we still cannot climb it. Go through the second arch to create a door way in the blocked section and then go back through the first arch to bring back the ladder and also the fence blocking your way. However we now have already created the gate through with the other arch so now can access behind the tower and its ladder. Go through the gap, climb the ladder and focus on the shards to create the bridge across the swamp.

Now climb back down the tower and make your way to the bridge, crossing it and entering the house. Always following the light of Dillion’s soul. As you enter the building he calls to Senua, follow that to a rune door. Focus on it to activate it. A weird cut scene happens where it ends up changing where Senua is to a big barn like building with lots of different passages and rooms. It is here we have to find the runes. But this needs to be done at speed as Senua is being chased. As you run you will come across the runes in the walls, quickly focus on them and try to keep moving to keep ahead of the fire. Once you have all three make your way back to the rune door and focus. It will then go to a cut scene before ending back at the shard on the beach.

The Trial of Odin

So now move along the beach to the next shard. You can tell the ones still needing attention as they are still glowing. As before focus on it to activate it and wait through the story before ending up in pitch blackness. You literally can see nothing.

The Darkness Shard

However you can hear Dillion’s voice. I think this is a representation of times when she was mentally lost in darkness and how Dillion could help her through it. So the key here is to listen to him and follow his instructions. Which include following the sound of the breeze, water etc. This is a case of just using your senses to work out where the sound it, turning Senua until you catch the direction and then follow it. After a while Dillion tells you to walk quietly, here there are enemies in the dark. Be careful how and where you walk so you don’t knock into things or them. I found using focus helped sometimes to see a little where they were before moving forward.  This trial is just a case of following instructions and being careful. It can be tricky at times but just persevere and you will get to the end where you again end up back on the beach in front of the shard.

So we have completed  three of the four trials needed to reforge Gramr. Come back next time to see how Senua does with the final trial and whether she manages to complete the quest.

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