Batman: Arkham Asylum is the first in a trilogy of Batman games. In Asylum Joker and many of Gotham City’s most notorious villains have taken over the asylum. Playing as Batman it is up to us to foil Joker’s evil plan!

After the Joker assaults Gotham City Hall, he is caught by Batman and taken to Arkham Asylum. The Asylum also so happens to temporarily house many members of the Joker’s gang who were transferred there after a fire at Blackgate Prison. Believing Joker allowed himself to be captured, Batman accompanies him into the asylum and of course he makes his escape. However it seems it is not his intention to escape the Asylum itself and Joker escapes deep into the facility. He is initially aided by a corrupt guard who kidnaps Commissioner Gordon. In addition Joker threatens to detonate bombs hidden around Gotham City if anyone tries to enter Arkham meaning Batman has to work alone.

Once the dust has settled after Jokers escape, Batman starts to follow him into the Asylum. Along this part of the journey we are introduced to a number of characters. First is Riddler who will leave you Riddler trophy and puzzles to find around the Asylum. Next Zsasz who is threatening a guard with involuntary shock treatment. Head up the stairs and to the end of the hall. Once here, talk to the guards and then grapple up to the Gargoyles, then glide down onto Zsasz with a silent takedown so it prevents him flicking the switch and frying the guard. Exit this room via the grid which Batman will need to pull off and continue on the trail of Joker.

Next you come upon a room that has been sealed and filled with poisonous Joker toxin and there are Guards still in there. It is up to Batman to go to their rescue.  Again you need to head up. Grapple up and break through the grate, follow the ventilation shaft to the platform above the poisonous room. There are a couple of guards you can rescue straight away by simply pulling them up onto the platform. But to rid the room of the gas, grapple your way across to where you can see the controls for the vent. Send a well aimed Batarang onto it, this will start the vent and clear the room of the gas.

Exit the room though the doors at the back into transfer loop and follow the not so subtle directional clues – big green arrows on the floor!  You then reach a set of doors at the end with a Joker face painted on it and we go to a short cut scene of an interaction between Batman and Joker. Joker then releases Bane. You actually do not need to fight him, just keep evading and after short while he collapses. Enter further cut scene with Joker.  When joker leaves you will hear a guard calls you into a room where Batman learns

Commissioner Gordon has been kidnapped.  

Use the map and make your way to holding cells. Once there scan the area as directed to find a forensic trail. Using the detective mode you can then follow the trail in order to rescue the Commissioner.  Following the trial Batman arrives at the secure transit area and here a guard is having trouble calling the ‘lift’. We go to a cut scene with Batman and Harley who blows up the lift and traps everyone down on that floor, however being Batman we can grapple our way up.

At the top there are a load of Jokers Goons that Batman will need to take care of. Once done switch to detective mode and pick up the forensic trail again. However it leads to a locked door so make your way around by using the grate at the end.  At the end of the vent shaft Batman will carefully kick out the grate, and when you pop out don’t go too far as there are a lot of goons in the Cell Block Transfer area.  Grapple up and along to get behind them, then do a silent drop and then a silent takedown one at a time til all are out of action.  Make your way up the steps into the room where Joker, remotely, is talking to a goon. Silent takedown the goon.

Break open the grate and make your way along the vent shaft and again Batman will carefully remove the grate as there are goons right there in the room beyond, the Intensive Treatment Lobby.  Grab the goon right outside the vent with a silent takedown and then carefully clear the room of all goons. Once clear pick up the forensic trail and follow it up into the raised passageway. In there Batman will find a the guard Frank Boles dead and left for Batman to find. A guard then calls Batman through the door at the back where we then go to a cut scene where the Guard tells Batman what has been happening in the Asylum. Batman now needs to escape to the Island surface.

Exiting the room via the stairs into the utility corridor and into the room at the back of the lockers. Pull off the grate, follow the vent shaft, bust open the grate the other end. Grapple up and now you have made your way to the exterior of the Asylum.  You high up on a ledge overlooking the whole island. Glide down and chat with the guards and start to look around. You may find tapes and riddler trophies.

the Batmobile is in jeopardy!

The batmobiles location will then be marked on the map, make your way to it and fight off the goons. In a cut scene after they are all disposed off Batman will remove an expositive tool from the boot of the Batmoble, this is an invaluable tool.  Look around the area in detective mode to hunt for the forensic trail to help find Commissioner Gordon. You will find his pipe and a trail of tobacco he has been surreptitiously been leaving to help Batman. Follow the trail,  However the first gate is now locked so using your detective mode you will see a weak wall to the right that you can now use explosive gel on to break down.  Go through and pick up the trail again and keep following it til you get to the medical facility. Outside the doors into the medical facility are a number of goons that need to be dealt with before you can carry on.

Follow the trail into the medical facility where Batman interacts with Harley Quinn and we discover Gordon is right there – on the other side of electric fence! Go back outside and grapple up onto the roof, up here in detective mode you will see a weak wall on one of the roofs, use the gel and blow your way in.  Scramble over the wire cages and brake through the grate.

Follow the vents til you find yourself overlooking the Sanatorium where several of the Drs are being held be Jokers goons.  The best way here is to pick them off by stealth, there are lots of ways to get in and around, plus there are the gargoyles.  You will also find Riddler Trophies etc around, make sure to use detective mode then as there are a number of weak walls.

Once the room is clear go speak to the Drs where it will go to a cut scene of that conversation. She tells you that Gordon was taken through here and into the elevator and also they tell you about a couple of other doctors that are trapped elsewhere in the building. You will need to go rescue them before moving on with following Gordon’s trail.

Following your map make your way to each Dr in turn and effect a rescue:-

Dr Young, X-ray Room

Using detective mode and some speed, as the goons will get nervous and kill the Dr, find the two weak walls on the room she is held in and add explosive gel. When both have gel on, then detonate. This will be enough to take out the goons but miraculously not injure the Dr.

Dr Chen, Surgery

At the back of the room the Dr is locked down on some sort of surgical chair, when you talk to the Dr he warns you it is a trap, Batman isn’t worried though. Shortly after a load of goons drop in and all you need to do is dispatch them all to rescue the Dr.

Dr Kellerman, Patient Observation

Dispatch the goons outside the room where the Dr is locked in with Cash the Guard. Grapple up and make your way through the vents and out into the room above the level of the gas.  Next you need to activate several vents to clear the room of the gas.

  • First walk around to the right as far as you can, then look back towards the wall below where you came in from the vent shaft. You will see the vent control panel (more easily seen in detective mode). Send a Batarang to start it. This will lower the level of the gas but not remove it.
  • Walk back to over the control panel you just switched on and jump across to the cage in front of you and then again to the one in the far corner. Now jump to the cage to your right and turn back to look into the corner where you will see another vent control panel. Again use the Batarang to switch it on.
  • Turn around and jump down to the lower cage and look down into the room where there is another vent control for you to start with a Batarang.  The gas is now cleared, Batman can jump down to the floor and walk over and talk with Cash and the Dr.

Once you have finished looking around for collectables leave this room and make your way back to the Sanatorium. Here we will go to a cut scene where Dr Young insists on having to go back to her office to get her notes, Cash says he will take her. Then they here the elevator coming and realise that can only mean trouble so Young and Cash quickly leave and the other Drs exit to barricade themselves in elsewhere. Batman takes to the skies and waits up on a gargoyle to see what is arriving.  So now again we have to clear the Sanatorium of goons before we can move on.

Once the room is cleared again, pick up Commissioner Gordon’s trail into the elevator. However as soon as we enter Joker pops up on the screen and tries to scare Batman – don’t think it worked.  The elevator doors open and we see a strange cut scene of inmates very distressed and perhaps a hint of a scarecrow!  But for now go to detective mode and follow the forensic trail til you reach an electic gate and have to go around via a weak wall and explosive gel. Make your way around via passageways and vent shafts til you reach a grate which needs breaking through.

Scarecrow’s World

Ahead of you lies the body of Commissioner Gordon, we go to a cut scene of Batman finding him and then trying to tell Oracle her father is dead, but it is a very weird signal and he can’t tell her.  Now we have to hunt down the Commissioner’s killer, you have only one route as one of the sets of doors is locked.

Go through the doors that aren’t locked and your are in the Morgue. Here some very strange things happen when you go around the room and are prompted to look at the corpses. As you then leave the room by the same doors you are now face to face with Scarecrow.  Direct your mini Batman around the ‘course’ to the lights which then will remove you from Scarecrows world and now when you leave the morgue the doors take you back into the corridor where you now see the body is in fact that of a guard and not Gordon.

Following the green arrows, go through the doors with the Joker face on, deal with the goons and then continue on following the green arrows to the experimental chamber.

So the challenge is to get to Harley and the Commissioner without being seen (and there are a lot of goons to alert her) or Harley will kill him. Make your way through the grate and out through the gate at the far end to enter the room. Immediately you should be able to stealth remove one goon, continue sneaking around using the other vents to creep up on other goons til they are all gone.

Next climb up the steps to the room where Harley is holding the commissioner and then grapple up onto its roof. Use Explosive Gel to drop in on Harley and rescue the Commissioner. We then go to a cut scene where Harley is knocked out but we have rescued the Gordon. Gordon tells Batman there is something else held down there. They walk down and it seems it is Bane on some sort of super venom that has been created by Dr Young! What is going on?


Once you are back in control in order to defeat Bane you need to stun him, sometimes a couple of Batarangs are needed, and then hit with a strike move, whereupon Batman will leap on his back and pull out on of the venom pipes. You need to do this three times before Bane is incapacitated.  Oh and if it isn’t hard enough, Joker will send in several waves of Goons each time you pull out a pipe so you have to deal with them too. But then it goes to a cut scene with Gordon and Batman, and Batman persuading, with the help of Bane!, Gordon to leave the island.

So what is Joker up to? How many more old enemies will Batman have to face? Come back next time for more episodes to find out but for now thank you for watching and hope you enjoyed,

DMG Amanda

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