Lost your Playlists in iTunes? then check out this video to show you how easy it is to get them back!

Now I must say this video was made originally back in 2014 so there have been a number of iTunes upgrades and changes since then. This means that the method used here is still ok but finding it is a little different. The video was originally posted on Lolli Lulu Crafts youtube and at the end of this copy of the video here on DMG you will see a link to the original video. On this original video are a lot of comments and these talk about how to find the right place to go on the newer versions of iTunes.  But otherwise here is my video

iTunes Recover Lost Playlists

So I hope you found that useful, and do check out the iTunes Autosync video too as it will show you how to switch off that annoying habit of iTunes of syncing your devices as soon as you plug them in. But for now hugs and see you again soon for more.

DMG Amanda

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