Hi there and welcome to DMG!

DMG was born as a result of two things: my love of gaming & technology and my love of vlogging.  I already have a successful Blog and Youtube channel (Lolli Lulu Crafts) featuring my day job as it were – paper crafting.  I love all things card making and created my channel on YouTube originally just as some fun, but I was lucky that it succeeded and that it is my business. However in my free time, other than more craft! lol! I love to game and so as trial I added some gaming videos to my craft channel and was surprised by how well it was received. So from that we got DMG.

Now I have been asked what does DMG mean? so let me explain … Daisie Mae Games was where I originally started the letters from, and then quickly I realised that DMG was also techy slang for ‘damage’ which seemed quite appropriate for gaming and techy channel. But who is Daisie Mae I hear you ask? well if you follow me on Lolli Lulu Crafts and all the associated social media (esp Instagram) then you probably already know the answer to that. But if not let me introduce you …

So what can you expect from DMG – well a lot of Gaming but not exclusively, I will also be featuring Tech News and Technology Information, reviews how to’s and tips.  I hope you will enjoy my new venture and thank you for popping by,